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BACT. B. Burgdorferi

DD Borelia

how do spriochetes get around endoflagella very motile and trapped in the periplasm
how do you see borrellia IF
b. burgdorferi causes Lyme
Hermsii and recurrentis relapsing fever
Treponema pallidum causes? syphyllis
leptopira interogans causes? leptospirosis
of the spirochetes which are zoonoses borrelia and leptospira
how is borellia different from other spirochetes larger and more narrow
what are the acute form syptoms associated with borrelia fever, bull's eye, muscle pain, with meningeal irriation
what are the chronic form symptoms of borrelia meningioencephalitis, myocarditis, disabling recurrent arthritis
what percent of borrelia patients get erythema migrans 70-90%
is the lesion asymptomatic no it burns
what other symptoms are common with borrelia flu like symptoms
what percent of patients have symptoms that continue 73%
when does stage 2 start onset to 4 months
what percent in stage 2 have disseminating spirochetes 73%
what else is common in stage II neurologic symptoms, carrdiac (myocarditis) and systemic (malise fatigue)
when does stage 3 happen 5 to 24 months
what percent of untreated go onto stage III 50-60 %
what percent have migrating arthritis and synovitis 10%
with the migrating arthritis is it sterile or bacteremic sterile so likely an immune process
where is the borrelia likely to stay in areas with poor immune system response like the brain, nervous system, joints, skin
when is the infection commonly spread april through september
how long do the ticks have to feed to be infectious 40-60 hours
what is the exotoxin of borrelia LOS lipid A elicits a weak response
what are the two virulence factors of borellia OspA common as the tick starts to feed becomes OspC as bacteria enters mammal
why no vaccine against OspA cross rx
why no vaccine against OspC too variable
what does vaccine against OspA work against antigen 1 (hLFA-1) especially in people with HLA-DR4
how do you diagnose someone with Lymes early? exposure and clinical symptoms
how do you diagnose someone with lyme late serology, elisa, IF
what is the problem with testing for borrelia can have positives based on cross rx
most common vector disese in the us Borrelia
the Ixodes tick scapularis is in the East
Ixodes pacificus is in the West
Treatment doxycyline, amoxicillin, cefuroxime
O2 requirements of borellia microaerophilic
tight or loose spirchete loose with irregular coils
genome of borrellia 9 linear 2 circular plasmids
why can't you just fight the bacteria constantly changing its surface
Created by: jmuame03