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Name ant upper arm ant muscles Biceps brachii supinator and flexor, brachialis attaches to ulna so only flexion and coracobrachialis all musculocutaneous n.
How many muscles of flexor forarm and what are names? 8 (4 superficial, 1 middle, 3 deep) put thumb on medial epicondyle and fingers across and say pass fail, pass fail. Pronator teres flips radius over, flexor carpi radialis, palmarus longus, flexar carpi ulnaris. Flexor dig superficialis
3 deep forearm muscles make a punch FDProfundus, curls up all fingers, then need thumb flexed (F pollicis logis), then need to pronate- pronator quadratus. All innervated by median except ulnar 1 and 1/2 muscles FCU and FDP
Forearm muscles all innervated by median except Ulnar: 1 and 1/2- Flexor carpi ulnaris and Flex dig profundus (ulnar half). Nerve is pinched between these 2 muscles.
Hand muscles lumbricles 1/2 LOAF all median Medial half Lumbricles, opponens POLLICIS abducter POLLICIS & flexor POLLICIS all median others are all ulnar (PADS and DABS etc)
Back of arm 6 superficial, 6 deep (ASS). What are superficial? 1. Brachioradialis- lateral epicondyle to radius-supinates but if wrist is pronated, it flexes elbow. 2. Ext carp rad longus and brev, 4. Ext digitorum all 4 fingers, 5. Ext Dig minimi, 6. Ext carpi ulnaris.
6 deep posterior muscles of arm 1. Anconius (small triangular muscle causes extension of elbow), Supinator- opposite pronator teres, snuffbox brevis sandwich. 2 bottom are abductor pollicis long, ext pol brevis, ext pol longus. And finally ext indicisis to index finger. From prox to di
How many muscles of the arm? 20. 12 ext (post) 6 superficial and 6 deep, and 8 ant (flexors) 4 pass fail,1,3
Shoulder i Skin nnervation is by what 3 nerves from the brachial plexus? Upper lateral brachial cutaneous nerve (branch of axillary nerve that innervates lateral shoulder and skin over the deltoid muscle). Medial brachial brachial cutaneous n and intercostobrachial cutaneous nerves (upper medial arm), biceps is Mabc n
Shoulder joint may be innervated by what nerves? SSn, axillary, branches of subscap and musculocutaneous (not usually) and supraclavicular
How many muscles in arm 20 12 extensors (6 deep, 6superficial) , 8 flexors (4,1,3)
Does biceps brachii attach to humerus? No only scapula to radius- causes supination
Brachialis attaches where? Ulna- causes flexion
Forarm muscles- 8 4, 1, 3 Pass fail pass fail- flips over radius- pronator teres, flexor carpi radialis, palmaris longus, flexor carpi ulnaris. 1= flexor dig superficialis- byby fist- can’t flex fist
Deep 3 forarm muscles- to punch Flex dig profundus- does the tips Then flex thumb flex pol longus Then pronate with pronator quadratus
Ulnar nerve innervates which forarm muscles? 1/2 fdprofundus, FCU all else median
Lumbricals are? Puppet muscles
Median nerve muscles in hand 1/2 LOAF- lumbricles, opponens, abductor flexor pollisis
Extensor muscles forarm- how many? 12- 6 deep, 6 superficial
What are the 6 superficial muscles forarm? From lateral epicondyle- 6 superficial: brachioradialis supinates. But if pronated causes elbow flexion2&3 ECRL&B, 4 extensor digitorum, 5 ext digiti minimi, 6 Ext carpi ulnaris from medial to radial to ulnar
What are the 6 deep muscles of forarm? Order is going down arm Anconeus, supinator, Snuff box- (abd pollis Long, Ext Pollisis brevis, ext pollisis longus from bottom to top) Brevis sandwich)- Ext indicis. GUN- flexion, if make C- abduction.
What tendon resides in the carpal tunnel with the FDP and FDS’s? Flexor pollisis longus
Tennis elbow Deep fibers- ECRB, superficial fibers- extensor digitorum
Median nerve at carpal tunnel should be how thick? <10mm- >13 is abnormal
Describe suprascapular nerve injection Pass through trapezius- through supraspinatous then through the transverse ligament into the suprascapular notch.
Carpal tunnel beware of injury to which nerve? Palmar cutaneous branch at radial side just prox to flexor retinaculum and cutaneous branch of ulnar
De quervans is where? Aplepb 1st dorsal compartment
Ganglion most common location Scapholunate ligament
Suprascap nerve runs between these 2 notches Spinoglenoid and supraspinal notch on the floor of the spine of the scapula
How do you test for SLAP labral lesions? Obrien’s test- pain worse with resisted extension of pronated hand relieved with supination
Biceps test Speeds test 20/70 sens specificity- low diagnostic resist downward pressure against supinated hand
Cause of lateral epicondylitis Common extensor tendon- ECRB EDC ECU- crozens test 3rd digit test
PIN entrapment- which is the last muscle to recover? Ext indices proprius (index finger)
Medial epicondyle landmarks Trochlea and ulna- ulnar collateral ligament
What are your puppet muscles? Lumbricles from FDP
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