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BACT: N Gonorrhea


what is special about Gonorrhea's fastidious state moreso than others
temp preference 35-37
Catalase status positive
Oxidase status positive
capsule status neg
Virulence factors Pili, Opa, LOS, Peptidoglycan (bad for falopian ciliated cells)
Diseases Acute urethritis, cervicitis, gonorrhea, PID, Disseminated gonorrhea, Opthalmia Neonatorium
Treat ophtamia Neonatorium? silver nitrate or erythromycin
great gonorrhea? Ceftriaxone and doxycycline
why do you have recurrent disease with gonorrhea antigenic variation
what prevents dissemination opa protein
what is antigenically variable about gonorrhea pili
another name for opa protein Protein II
what happens when men don't treat urithritis caused by gonorrhea epididymitis, prostatitis, or urethral strictures
is gonorrhea more likely to be assymptomatic in men or women? women
how would gonorrhea present in women red friable with pain during intercourse and lower abdominal pain
infection of the cervix can lead to? PID or endometriosis
when does endometriosis usually happen during the mentral cycle
what increases the risk of infection with gonorrha (PID) IUD
what are some complications of PID Sterility, ectopic pregnancy, peritonitis, absess, and perihepatic disease
what is another name for perihepatis Fitz Hugh Curtis Syndrome
what is perihapatitis coinfection of the liver capsule
what do you also treat for when you see gonorrhea chlamydia almost half have both
why does n. gon have such a high incidence short incubation, high transmission, asymptomatic carriers
how many get Desseminated infection only 3%
the symptoms of both N. men and N gon are caused by? blebbing of LOS which leads to an intense immune reaction
Created by: jmuame03