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Terminology Lesson 1

Medical Terminology Lesson 1 - Common Root and Musculoskeletal

TermDefinitionWord Association
adeno (ah +dee+ no) gland adeno, gland, sweat gland, sweaty dinosaur, a dino, adeno
adenoma gland tumor
calculi (cal + cue + lie) stone calculi, stone, counting stones, math, calculus, calculi
calculosis stones
cele (sell) tumor, cyst, hernia cele, tumor, two more, sale, cele
hydrocele water cyst, tumor
cyto (sigh + toe) cell cyto, cell, jail cell, the hole, site, hole, cyto
cytology cells, study of
glyco (gl + eye + co) sweet, sugar glyco, sugar, doughnut, "O", gee like "O", glyco
glycosuria sugar in the urine
homeo, homo (hoe + me + oh) similar, same, like homeo, same, same home, home, homeo
homeostasis same environment
lingua (ling + wha) tongue lingua, tongue, eat, pasta, linguini, lingua
linguiform tongueshaped
lip fat lip, fat, fatty, fatty food, passes through your lips, lip
lipoma fat tumor
lith stone lith, stone, speaking with stones in your mouth, lisp, lith
lithotripsy stone dissolve
madaro (ma + dare + oh) falling hair madaro, falling hair, hair cut, sharp cut, arrow, mad arrow, madaro
madarosis loss of eyelashes or eyebrows
psych (sike) mind psycho, mind, circuit, cycle, psych
psycho mind - study of, psychology - mental processes
pyo (pie + oh) pus pyo, pus, yellow ooze, yellow, lemon, lemon pie, pie, pyo
pyogenic pus producing
radi (ray + dee) rays radi, rays, 4 letters, d is 4th letter, ray + d, radi
radiology rays, study of
thermic (ther + mick) heat thermic, heat, temperature, thermometer, thermic
thermobiosis exists at high temperature
arthro (are + throw) joint arthro, joint, arm bend, throw, r + throw, arthro
arthritis joint inflammation
carpo (car + poe) wrist carpo, wrist, drive car with wrists, carpool, carpo
carpoptosis wrist dropping
chondro (con + droh) cartilage chondro, cartilage, cart, apart, apartment, condo, chondro
chondromalacia cartilage, soft
costa (cost + uh) rib costa, rib, buying ribs, cost, costa
intercostal between ribs
cranio (crane +knee + oh) skull cranio, skull, houses brain, rhymes with brain, crane, cranio
craniotomy skull incision
dactyl (dact + till) finger dactyl, finger, web fingers, duck, duck tail, dactyl
dactylitis finger inflammation
ili (ill + lee) hip ili, hip, cool, temperature, ill, ill + e ili
iliosacral ilium and sacrum
manus (man + us) hand manu, hand, help, man (verb), manus
manicure hand care
myel (my + el) bone marrow myel, marrow, tomorrow, distance, mile, myel
myeloma marrow tumor
myo (my + oh) muscle myo, muscle, contract, spread, mayonnaise, mayo, myo
myoedema muscle swelling
ortho (or + thoh) straighten ortho, straighten, hammer, Thor, or Thor, ortho
orthopedic concerning deformities
osteo (ah + stee + oh) bone osteo, bone, shell, oyster, osteo
osteoplast bone surgery
pedi (pee + dee) foot pedi, foot, pedal, pedia
pedicure foot care
spondyl (spawn + dill) vertebra spondyl, vertebra, spine, spin, spindle, spondyl
spondylitis vertebrae inflammation
Created by: josimaryduke
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