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BACT: N. Meningitis


what N. Men capsules cause meningitis A, B, C
what does Endotoxin LPS do? releases endotoxin for blood vessel distruction
how does Endotoxin LPS do? causes petechial rash and may cause damage to adrenals
what does IgA protease do? cleaves IgA in two
What does Iron clavage factor do? gets iron from human transferrin
what percent of the population has asymptomatic carriage of n. meingitis 5-10%
what are the virulence factors of N. Meningitis Capsule, Endotoxin LPS, IgA1 protease, Iron cleavage
Acute purulent meningitis is what percent of percentage of meningitis are acute purulent 20%
what causes acute purulent meningitis serotype b
Acute bacterial meningitis has a mortality of? 10-15%
Meningococcemia is caused by Disseminated intravascular coagulation DIC
Waterhouse fredrichsen syndrome is ? N. men causes bilateral hemorrhagic destruction of the adrenals and shock
what causes chronic meningococcemia transient bacteremia by Serotype Y
how do you treat N. Meningitis infection My need reconstructive surgery, pen G, cephalosporin (gets meninges) and rifampin for prophylaxis
vaccines for N. Meningitis Menomune against A, C, Y, W-135 NOT B
why is there no vaccine against Serotype B neisseria meningitis because it has a sialic acid capsule which is self-like
how does N. Meningitis initially colonize? Pili (sticks its nose in)
How does N. meningitis get closer? opa protein
what part of N. Meningitis interferes with prolonged carriage capsule and pili prevent extremely close attachment (get in the way) but they are essential
how long does it take to launch an Ab response to N. Meningitis? 7-10 days
what does N. Meningitis grow on Thayer martin or chocholate agar
what temp does. N. meningitis like? 35-37
catalase status positive
oxidase status positive
how many serotypes are there of n. meningitis 16
how can you diagnose n. meningitis Thayer martin plates, latex bead agglutination, CSF or Blood culture
what polysaccharide capsule is common in africa Group A
what capsule is common in the US Group B and C
what is special about Group B capsule it is sialic acid (non-immunogenic)
what is special about Group C capsule antiphagocytic
how does N. meningitis avoid the immune system capsule and opa/pili variation
where does N. meningitis bind non-ciliated cells of the Nasopharynx
what causes the symptoms of N. meningitis LOS activated coagulation system
what can you do to encourage Neiserria growth add CO2
what are two signs of n. meningitis in infants bulging fontenelles and kernigs brudzinski's sign
waht does vancomycin kill gram positive
what does colistin kill all gram neg. but neisseria
what does nystatin kill fungi
how can you tell n. men from n gon maltose fermentor
Created by: jmuame03