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Bact; Strep


Lancefield groups of medical importance A, B, and D
Group based on Lancefield
Type based on M protein
fun of M protein antigenic determinant but also antigenic
Streptolysin O Antigenic responsible for damage to cardiac and Red blood cells
Streptolysin S O2 stable not antigenic
Capsule? hyaluronic acid capsule non-immunogenic
Pyrogenic Exotoxin Spe A, B, C
What Exotoxin causes Scarlet fever? Spe A
What exotoxin causes TSLS Spe A
What Ag causes necrotizing fascilitis Spe B
what M protein is associated with TSLS M1
what M proteins are associated with Acute Rheumatic Fever 2, 4, 12
what is Strep sensitive to Bacitracin
how can you diagnose strep Catalase neg, bacitracin sensitive, rapid agglutination, B hemolytic, ASO (abs to streptolysin O)
what does M protein do? antiphagocytic it binds fibrinogen (host) and protein H to stop complement
Random assistant exotoxins Hyaluronidase, DNAase, Anti C5 peptidase
how long do symptoms of Strep pharyngitis last 7 days
how long are strep pharyngitis kids contagious 1-4 weeks
how does necrotizing fasciitis enter trauma
mortality from necrotizing faciitis Hospital gangrene 60%
how does scarlet fever present starts on trunk and spreads to extremities
how does TSS and TSLS differ with TSLS pts are bacteremic
what percent dev. chorea with Rheumatic fever 6%
Acute migratory polyarthritis in 75% no permanent damage
when does Post strep GN show up 10 days after skin or pharyngiitis
What effect can TSLS have on the lungs ARDS
mortality of TSLS 30%
Treat Strep penicillin V or erythromycin, Penicillin G for serious infections
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