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EEG Study notes

The function of a differential amplifier is to amplify the difference in electrical potential between 2 inputs
The desirable characteristic of a differential amplifier in which like signals are cancelled is called common mode rejection
No difference in electrical potential is called equipotential, in phase cancellation, or common mode rejection
Current is the flow of electrons through a pathway and the unit is the ampere
Voltage is the potential charge difference between two points and the unit is the volt
A resistor welcomes any current change
The term used to describe the result of differential amplification when both inputs are of equal voltage values is cancellation
The ability of the EEG instrument to output the voltage difference between two inputs to a single channel is known as differential amplification
Resistance describes the forces opposing direct current flow
P.O. stands for by mouth
Impedance is the opposition to the flow of alternating current
The root word "cardio" means heart
The suffix -itis means inflammation
Horizontal resolution refers to the number of data points that are stored to record a signal in each second across time
What term describes the resulting output when two inputs of opposite polarity are subtracted during the differential amplification process? summation
The indentation between the forehead and the nose is the nasion
An EEG instrument's common mode rejection ratio should be very high
When recording for ECI, it is recommended that the sensitivity be ________uV/mm and the low filter should not be higher than ____Hz for at least _____minutes of recording 2, 1.0, 30
What kind of amplifiers are used to record biological signals? differential
After application of electrodes, the impedance of every electrode should be measured. Impedances___________________. above 5000 ohms should be reduced by adding electrolyte or replacing the electrode.
By changing from a time constant = .05 seconds to a time constant = .1 seconds, the EEG instrument will_____________. record more slow frequencies
When both the negative and positive ends of a generator are recorded during an EEG it is called ______________. horizontal or tangential dipole
A __________________ electrical field is created when the human eye is looking in the direction of one of the anterior temporal electrodes. positive
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