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Sagittal suture Between 2 parietals
Coronal suture Between parietals and frontal
Squamous suture Between temporal and parietal
Styloid process Thing hanging down below EAM
Mastoid process Flap of temporal bone
Lambdoidal suture Between occipital and parietals
Foramen magnum Hole in bottom of skull
Occipital condyles articulate with C1
Structures of Sphenoid 1. greater wings -lowest part of skull 2. hypophyseal fossa -indent in middle ridge 3. lesser wings - manta ray 4. optic foramina -below manta, above hypophyseal fossa
Structures of Ethmoid 1. olfactory foramina (or formen) -holes in plate 2. cribriform plate -houses holes
Markings of Mandible anchors inferior teeth 1. mandibular condyle -back high part of mandible 2. mandibular foramen -hole on INSIDE
Maxillae anchors superior teeth -anterior part of hard palate
Palatine posterior part of hard palate
Zygomatic Diagonal to eyes, above cheeks
Lacrimal Finger nail shape in medial part of eye socket
Nasal nose bone
Vomer Bottom part of thin ridge in nose
Hyoid not a facial bone, horseshoe shaped, doesn't articulate, in neck
Typical vertebra parts A. Body (fat part) B. Vertebral Foramen (hole in center) C. Transverse Processes (bump on giraffe arm) D. Transverse Foramen (holes next to body, only in cervical) E. Spinous Process (ridge that points up)
The Sacrum 5 fused vertebrae
The Coccyx 3 to 5 small irregular shaped vertebrae
Manubrium Bow tie part of sternum
Body Long part of sternum
Xiphoid Process Small lower part of sternum
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