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WH menu

Menu items and codes

T Bone Dinner TD
Sirloin Dinner SD
Pork Chop Dinner PD
Country Ham Dinner CHD
Chicken Dinner KD
Meat Lover's Pork Chop Dinner MLPD
Country Classic Pork Chop Dinner GPD
Southern Classic Pork Chop Dinner XPD
Tbone & Eggs (medium and over light) Tm....OL
Steak & Eggs (well and scrambled) Sw....SCR
Pork Chop & Eggs (over medium) P......OM
Country Ham & Eggs( Over light) CH.....OL
Steak & Eggs (medium & scrambled) Sm.....SCR
Chicken & Eggs (over medium) K....OM
Sirloin Sandwich S
Texas Chicken Melt TxKM
Chicken Sandwich KS
Texas Patty Melt TxPM
Texas Cheesesteak Melt TxCS
Pork Chop Sandwich P
Texas Sausage Melt TxSM
Deluxe dx
Bacon Lovers BLT BBLT
Plain Omelette check mark
Old Fashioned Omelette OF
Cheese Omelette C
Ham Omelette H
Ham Cheese Omelette HC
Cheesesteak Omelette CS
Mushroom Omelette M
Fiesta Omelette F
Sausage or Bacon Omelette S or B
Onion Omelette O
Tomato Omelette T
Jalapenos Omelette P
Chili t
Texas Egg Cheese Melt TxECM
Texas Bacon Egg Cheese Melt TxBECM
Texas Sausage Egg Cheese Melt TxSECM
Texas Ham Egg Cheese Melt TxHECM
Texas Cheesesteak Egg Melt TxCSEM
Ham H
County Ham CH
Bacon B
Sausage S
Waffle W
Double Waffle WW
Pecan P
Double Pecan PP
Chocolate Chip C
Double Chocolate Chip CC
Peanut Butter T
Double Peanut Butter Waffle TT
Single Over Light S/OL
Order Over Medium O/OM
Triple Over Well T/OW
Four Scrambled 4/SCR
Order Scrambled Cheese O/SCRC
Bacon Egg BE
Egg (fried) E
Egg (scrambled) SCR
Grilled Ham & Cheese GHC
Sausage Egg SE
Ham Egg HE
Waffle Sandwich WS
Sausage Egg and Cheese Grits SscrCG
Sausage Egg and Cheese Hash brown Bowl ß...√√s2c.. O/SCR..S
Cheesesteak Melt Hash Brown Bowl ß...√√s2c..... CS
Plain Hashbrowns
Plain double Hashbrowns √√
Plain triple Hashbrowns √√√
Scattered s
with onions (smothered) s
with cheese (covered) c
with ham (chunked) h
with tomatoes (diced) d
with peppers (peppered) p
with mushrooms (capped) a
with chili (topped) t
with gravy (country) g
Steamed m
All the Way atw
Hot Tea HT
Tomato Juile T
Milk M
Chocolate Milk CM
Iced Tea Sweet IT
Unsweetened Iced Tea UIT
Soft Drinks ck/Dck/S
Coffee/Decaf Coffee/Dark Roast C/DC/Drk
Minute Maid (OJ) O
Minute Maid (Lemonade) L
Water H2O
Cherry/vanilla syrup c/v
Egg Cheese Biscuit ECb
Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit BECb
Sausage biscuit Sb
Sausage Egg Cheese Biscuit SECb
1 Biscuit and Gravy bg
2 Biscuit and Gravy bbg
Quarter Deluxe Qdx
Double Quarter deluxe DQdx
Original O
Double Original DO
Deluxe dx
Bowl of Chili T
Large Bowl of Chili LT
Pie Ch/P
Garden Salad (just indicate dressing) i/t/r/v
Grilled Chicken Salad (indicate dressing) K....i/t/r/v
White/Wheat toast t/w
Raisin toast r
Texas Toast Tx
Dry Toast t with a circle around it
Hold the toast t with a strikethrough circle
plain bread PI
Bowl of Grits BG
Bowl of Cheese Grits BCG/CG
Large bowl of grits LBG
Sausage gravy g
Grits instead gi
Tomatoes instead ti
Created by: wh2018