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Ch16 Integum System

Integumentary System review

is the formation of keratin kerato/genesis
the thicker layer of the skin dermis
below the skin sub/cutaneous
a physician who specializes in the skin dermatologist
pertaining to the armpit axillary
another name for subdoriferous gland is sweat gland
the habit of nail biting onycho/phagia
habitually bites the nails onycho/phag/ist
removal of a small piece of tissue biopsy
to remove a small amount of material (at least to the level of the dermis) for microscopic study punch biospy
performes on superficial lesions, using a razor blade to obtain the specimen shaved specimen
the procedure that uses a curet to scrape material from a lesion for testing curettage
one that is performed to determine the reaction of the body to substance by observing the results of injecting the substance or applying it to the skin skin test
specifically performed to diagnose cystic fibrosis sweat test
a falling away of tissue in scales or layers exfoliation
partial or total absence of pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes is called albinism
condition in which the skin is dry and scaly, rsembling fish scales ichthy/osis
resembling fish ichty/oid
means dry skin xero/derma
refers to infestation by human lice and is named for a genus of sucking lice pediculosis
hardening and thicking of the skin, a finding in various diseases sclero/derma
an inflammatory condition of the skin dermat/itis
a superficial deratitis inflammation on the surface of the skin eczema
a skin rash resulting from exposure to an irriant or antigen contact dermatitis
a type of dermatitis that results from overexposure to the sun sunburn
inflammation of the skin caused by light photodermatitis
a contagious dermatitis caused by the itch mite and is transmitted by close contact scabies
inflammatory condition of the skin that begins with the scalp seborrheic
excessive production of sebum, the oily secretion of the sebceous glands of the skin sebo/rrhea
commonlly called a boil, is a localied suppurative infection that begins with infection of a hair follicle or sebaceous gland by pathogenic staphylococci furuncle
a bengin warty skin lesion with a rought surface, caused by a common contagious virus verruca
the production of pus suppuration, purulence, pyogensis
a superficial fungal infection dermato/myc/osis or myco/dermat/itis
any pus-containing activiy that is surrounded by inflamed tissue and is usually caused by infection with staphylococci abscess
is filled with fluid or semisolid material cyst
elevated and circumscribed, but which is less thean 1 cm diameter papules
an allergic skin eruption characterized by transient, elevated, irregulary-shaped lesions urticaria
changes in the apperance of the primary lesion and can occur with normal progession of the disease secondary lesions
characterized by thinning with loss of skin markings atrophy
deep, irregular erosions that extend into the dermis are ulcers
athlete's foot produces liner cracks in the epidermis that are fissures
dried serum, sebum, blood, or pus on the skin surface prdouces a crust
dried fragments of sloughed epidermis scales
tiny purple or red spots appearing on the skin as a result of tiny hemorrhages within the dermal or submucosal layers petechiae
a large hemorrhagic spot ecchymosis
new growth of tissue characterized by a disordered growth of cells is a tumor also called neoplasma
means a mole nevus
common, benign tumor consisting of mature fal cells that usually can be removed easily by excision lip/oma
also called a callus, is a flat, poorly defined mass, often on the sole over a bony prominence, and is caused by pressure kerat/oma
caused by pressure or friction but unlike a callus, is round or conical and usually painful corn
a condition of the skin characterized by the formation of horny growths or excessive development of the epithelium kerat/osis
is a consequence of aging sebo/rrhe/ic keratosis
is a premalignant lesion that is common in people with chronically sun-damaged skin actine keratosis
the most common malignancy associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome kaposi's sarcoma
a physcial injury involving a break in the skin usually caused by act or accident othe rthena a disease wound
special type of injury to the skin occurs almost exclusively in people with limited mobility pressure ulcer
a torn jagged wound laceration
a wound made by piercing abrasion
is caused by a blow to the body that causes subcutaneous bleeding and does not disrupt the integrity of the skin contusion
overgrowth of scar tissue keloid
are tissue injures resulting from excessive exposure to heat, electricity, chemicals, raditation or gases burns
charcterized by blister deep partial thickness burn
is damage to skin, tissues, and blood vessels as a result of prolonged exposure to cold frostbite
condition in whcih the amount of oxygen is below normal hyp/oxia
localized tissue death that occurs in reponse to disease or injury necr/osis
any disease of the hair trichopathy
a term that refers to superficial bacterial infection involving the hair follicles follicul/itis
localized bacterial invaison of subcutaneous tissue ceelul/itis
is an abnormal condition of the hair trich/osis
balneds that occurs early in life alopecia permatura
means any disease of the nails onychopathy
is atrophy or other unhealty condition of the nails resulting from a fungus onycho/myc/osis
abnormal softening of the nails onycho/malacia
inflammtion of a sweat gland hidr/aden/itis
excessive sweating dia/phoresis
a condition in whcih the body temperature is below normal hypo/thermia
increaded body temperature that is mediated by an increase in the heat regulatory set point pyrexia
another name for heatstroke or sunstroke thermo/plegia
transplantation of skin to cover areas where skin has been lost through a burn or other trauma, or to replace a diseased skin that has been removed skin graft
the graft is from the patient's own body is called autograft
a graft of tissue between two gentically different individuals of the same species allograft
a special type of skin graft that involves moving a sectio of skin to a nearby area without cutting of the end of the transplanted tissue skin flap
used to cut this slice of skin for grafting dermatome
surgical removal of a limb or part of the body amputation
necessary for a successful transplant of any organ or tissue histo/compatibility
agents and dressing are applied to injured or burned tissue to prevent infection, and aspetic procedures are followed topical antimicrobial
without infection a/septic
a surgical incision into nerotic tissue resulting from a severe burn escharo/tomy
the removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue, especially from a wound debridement
removal of the nail onychectomy
help to clean a wound and inhibit the growth of microorganisms anti/septics
applied to produce a lack of feeling topical an/esthetics
replacement or restoration of parts of the body and is performed to correct a structural or cosmetic defect plastic surgery
means facelift rhytido/plasty
a treatment for removing superifical scars on theskin derm/abrasion
removes adipose tissue with a suction pump device, and is used primarily as cosmetic surgery to remove lip/suction
sometimes used to destroy the hair follicles when hair is destruction of a substances by passing electrical current through it electro/lysis
a treatment of disease by exposing the body to sunlight helio/therapy
used therapeutically as a penetrating deep-heating agent for soft tissue ultrasound
a method of applying a drug to unbroken skin transdermal drug delivery
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