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Bryz MT/NAR Chap 11

Medical Terminology/NAR Chapter 11 Terms

audiometry measures hearing acuity
bone conduction Allows transmission of sound from the middle ear to the inner ear
canthus Corner of the eye where the eyelids meet on each side
cataract clouding of the lens affecting vision
cerumen earwax
cochlear implant electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear
conductive hearing loss problem with sound waves conducting along the route
conjunctivitis pink eye
convergence coordinated movement of the eyes towards each other
enucleation surgical removal of the eye
eustachian tubes controls the pressure and connects middle ear to nasopharynx
exotropia eyes turned outward
fluorescien angiography fluorescent dye is injected into the bloodstream and a picture is taken
glaucoma buildup of aqueous humor pressure in the eye
hyperopia farsightedness (things that are close are out of focus)
iridectomy surgical removal of part of the iris
iritis inflammation of the iris
keratitis inflammation of the cornea
macular degeneration vision loss when yellowish spots accumulate in the macula
mastoidectomy surgical removal of the mastoid cells
mydriasis dilation of the pupil of the eye
myopia nearsightedness (things that are far are out of focus)
myringotomy surgical incision into the eardrum to relieve pressure
nyctalopia inability to see in dim light or at night
nystagmus eyes making uncontrolled movements
ophthalmoscopy visual examination of the eye
optician person who supplies vision correction
optometrist vision of the eye with prescription of lenses
otalgia earache
photophobia "fear" (sensitivity) to light
ptosis drooping of the eyelid
radial keratotomy surgery to cut into the cornea of the eye to correct myopia
retinitis pigmentosa rare genetic disorder with the breakdown and loss of cells in the retina
retinopexy repairing a detached retina
scleritis inflammation of the sclera
scotoma blind spot (where the optic nerve inserts into the orbit)
sensorineural hearing loss damage to the fine hairs in the cochlea
stapedectomy surgical procedure to fix the abnormal stapes
strabismus cross-eyed
tonometry Measures intraocular pressure
tympanometry tests mobility of the ear drum
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