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Spanish vocabulary

To show off / to boast Presumir
To sponge off someone Vivir del cuento
To crash Chocar
To flirt Tontear
Postcard Postal
Printer Impresora
Overwhelming Agobiante
Shop assistant Dependiente
Survey Encuesta
Envelope Sobre
Go away Vete a la porra
A piece of cake Es pan comido
To argue Discutir
Blind Ciego
Careful person Meticuloso
Human beings Seres humanos
To burry Enterrar
To pack Embalar
Handful Manojo
To haggle Regatear
Deceased Fallecido
Honour Honra
Dogs bollocks Cojonudo
Chest Cofre
Coffin Ataúd
Risk Riesgo
However Sin embargo
Delay Retraso
By chance Por casualidad
Around Alrededor
To bet Apostar
To challenge / to dare Retar
As soon as En cuanto
To catch (by surprise) Pillar
To trust Fiarse / confiar
Tacky Cultre
To bite Morder
To put in charge of Encargar
Powerful Poderoso
To convince Convencer
In shape / fit En forma
Summary Resumen
School subject Asignatura de la escuela
Rewarding Gratificante
In demand Solicitado
Twin Gemelo
To give up Rendirse
Suddenly De repente
Instead of En vez de
To pretend Fingir
To tempt Tentar
Posh Pijo
Chav Cani
Compliment Cumplido
To preach Predicar
To measure Medir
Mess / fuss Lío
Document / file Ficha
Chaos Caos
Genius Genio
Generous Generoso
To sink Hundir
The top / peak Tope
Achievements Logros
To make up Hacer los paces / reconciliarse
To fall out with Pelearse con
To get on with Llevarse bien
To bring up / raise Criar a
To look down on Menospreciar
To afford Permitirse
Deadline Fecha límite
Workload Volumen de trabajo
Speaker Altavoz
To reject / turn down Rechazar
To Neglect / disregard Desatender
To refuse / deny Negar / rehusar
Anxiety Ansiedad
Knowledge Conocimiento
To confess / own up Confesar
Hooked on Enganchado a
To suggest Sugerir
To come up (unpredicted) Surgir
Unemployment Desempleo / paro
To make fun of Burlarse de / reírse de
Boiler Caldera
Failure Fracaso
Mistake / defect Fallo
Good vibes Buen rollo
What a pain Qué rollo
Good appearance Buena pinta
Genre / gender Género
Review Reseña
The news Las noticias
Advert Anuncio
Loose / tight Flojo (suelto) / ajustado
To tell off Reñir
Empty Vacío
Wild Salvaje
To tell on / snitch Chivarse
To perk up / wake up Espabilar
Sensible Sensato
Sensitive Sensible
Shares (company) Acción
To lick Lamer
Drop (of liquid) Gota
Donkey Burro
Bee Abeja
Lamb Cordero
To beg Rogar
To grill Asar
Windmill Molino
Shark Tiburón
To increase Aumentar / incrementar
To release Soltar
To avoid Evitar
To postpone / put off Posponer
To scream Chillar
To put up with / stand / bear Aguantar / soportar
Make sense Tener sentido
To attempt Intentar
Created by: Jakespanish
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