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Bryz MT/NAR Chap 9

Medical Terminology/NAR Chapter 9 Terms

Aerophagia Air in the stomach
Antacids neutralize excess gastric acid
Antiemetic prevents vomiting
Aphthous canker sores - small, shallow mouth lesions
Bruxism grinding or clenching your teeth
Celiac Disease gluten sensitivity and allergy
Cheilosis painful inflammation/cracking of the corners of the mouth
Cholangiography injection of dye in the gall bladder (biliary system) to illuminate pathways with an x-ray
Choledocholithotomy surgical removal of common bile duct
Cirrhosis irreversible disease in which liver tissue is replaced by hard, fibrous scar tissue
Cleft lip opening or split in the lip when a developing baby’s facial structures don’t close completely
Clostridium difficile bacterium that causes diarrhea and intestinal conditions. SMELLS AWFUL
Colonoscopy Visual examination of the colon
Colotomy surgical incision into the colon
Crohn's Disease Inflammatory bowel disease
Diverticulum an abnormal sac or pouch formed at a weak point in the wall
Emesis vomiting
Enteritis inflammation of the intestines
Eructation burping
Esophageal varices dilated esophageal veins
Esophagogastroduodenoscopy Visual examination of the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine
Gastrectomy Surgical removal of a part of the stomach
Gastroduodenostomy Removal of a part of the stomach and establishment of an anastomosis (connection) between the upper stomach and the small intestine
Gastroesophageal reflux Disease in which the stomach acid spills often up into the esophagus
Gastrostomy Tube Creation of an artificial opening with the stomach in order to allow the patient to be fed with a tube
Gingivitis Inflammation of the gums
Halitosis Bad breath
Hematemesis Vomiting blood
Hematochezia blood in the stool
Hemoccult Test Testing the fecal matter for blood
Hepatitis A Inflammation of the liver spread by the fecal-oral route
Herpes Labialis cold sores - caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1
Hyperemesis vomiting a lot
Ileum Last portion of the small intestine
Ileus disruption of the normal peristaltic ability of the small intestine.
Inguinal hernia protrusion of tissue like the intestines through a weak spot in the groin
Jaundice Yellow tinting of the skin with liver issues
Leukoplakia thickened, white patches form inside your mouth. Usually noncancerous.
Liver Filters blood and secretes bile
Morbid Obesity more than 100 lbs over ideal body weight or BMI over 40
Nasogastric Intubation Placing a tube into a patient's nose to assist with feeding into the stomach
Orthodontist specialty of dentistry concerned with malpositioned teeth
Palatoplasty surgical procedure to correct a cleft palate
Peristalsis Wave-like contractions in the gastrointestinal tract that moves food along
Proctologist Physician specializing in large intestinal issues
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