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Female Reproductive

page 271-272 Suffixes

-arche beginning menarche
-cyesis pregnancy pseudocyesis-Pseudo- means false. No pregnancy exists, but physical changes sucas weight gain and amenorrhea occur.
-gravida pregnant primigravida-a woman during her first pregnancy (primi- means first). Gravida also is used to designate a pregnant woman, often followed by a number to indicate the number of pregnancies (gravida 1,2,3).
-parous bearing, bringing forth primiparous-an adjective describing a woman who has given birth to at least one child.
-rrhea discharge leukorrhea-this vaginal discharge is normal or becomes more yellow (purulent or pus-containing) as a sign of infection.
-salpinx fallopian (uterine) tube pyosalpinx
-tocia labor, birth dystocia Oxytocia-Oxy- mean rapid. The pituitary gland releases oxytocin, which stimulates the pregnant uterus to contract (labor begins) It also stimulates milk secretion from mammary glands.
-version act of turning cephalic version-The fetus turns so that the head is the body part closest to the cervix (version can occur spontaneously or can be performed by the obstetrician).
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