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Bryz MT/NAR Chap 2

Medical Terminology/NAR Chapter 2 Terms

Abdominal cavity part of the body between the thorax and the pelvis housing important organs
Adenocarcinoma malignant tumor originating in glandular epithelium
Anomaly something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified
Aplasia incomplete or faulty development of an organ or part
Chromosomes DNA-containing structures carrying the genes of the organism
Congenital existing at or dating from birth
Distal further away from the core of the body
Dorsal Back
Dysplasia Abnormal growth or development
Epigastric on or above the stomach
Epithelial Tissue tissue covering the surface of cavities
Etiology the cause of a disease or abnormal condition
Frontal plane (coronal plane) divides the body into front and back
Gastralgia pain in the stomach
Geriatrician specialist in old people
Hemophilia delayed clotting of the blood
Histology Study of the tissues
Homeostasis The body’s ability to maintain stability even with changes (equilibrium)
Hospice program meant to provide palliative (pain) care and emotional support for the terminally ill
Hypertrophy increase in size of organ or part
Hypogastric lower abdomen/below the stomach
Hypoplasia when an organ or part remains below the normal size or in an immature state
Inguinal groin or lowest regions of the abdomen
Lateral to the side of the body
Medial towards the middle of the body
Midsagittal divides the body into left and right sides
Palliative (pain care) relieving symptoms without dealing with the causes necessarily
Parietal peritoneum lining of the abdominal cavity
Pelvic Cavity low in the core and houses the reproductive organs, bladder, colon, and rectum
Prognosis likely course of a disease
Proximal closer to the core of the body
Retroperitoneal behind the abdominal cavity and houses the kidneys
Superior towards the top or above
Supine lying face up
Systemic full body condition or response
Thoracic Cavity high in the core housing the lungs and heart
Transverse Plane cut the body into top and bottom pieces
Umbilicus navel or belly-button
Ventral (anterior) front of the body
Visceral deep inside the body (visceral peritoneum covers organs)
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