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ALC Mod 2 Exam

How does AR 600-8-22 define award? Recognition given to individuals or units for certain acts of services or badge, accolades, emblems, citations, commendations, streamers, and silver bands.
What is the good conduct medal awarded for? Exemplary conduct, efficiency, fidelity.
8 steps training model? Plan, train and certify, recon, issue the plan, rehearse the plan, execute, conduct AAR, Retrain,
which step do you implement risk management steps? Execute
What occurs after every training? AAR
What drives the training strategy? METL(Mission Essential Task Lists)
Which website identifies class 3 and class V requirements? CATS (Combined Arms Training Strategy Group)
Which training step ensures the instructors are qualified to give instruction? step 2-Train and certify
What are the steps of the MDMP? Receipt of mission, Mission analysis, course of action development, course of action analysis, course of action comparison, course of action approval, orders productions
How much time is allocated to sub. Units to conduct plan? 2/3 available time
At what level is MDMP first used? Battalion level
Who makes the decision to modify the MDMP? Commander
5 criteria that all courses of action should meet? Acceptable, feasible, suitable, distinguishable, complete,
After which steps is a WARNO issued? step 1, step 2, and step 6
What happens if a commander rejects all courses of action? Go back to step 3
what are the types of plans? Campaign, operation, supporting, concept (branch and sequel)
what are the types of orders? Operation, Fragmentary, and warning
What is the plans and orders crosswalk? During this phase, the staff pairs the plan or orders with that of the higher and adjacent commanders to achieve unity of effort and ensure the plans meets the superior commanders intent.
What is plans and orders reconciliation? occurs internally, as the staff conducts a detailed review of the entire plan or order. This ensures that the base plan or order and all attachments are complete and in agreement.
Characteristics of effective plans and orders? Simple and direct, incorporates flexibility and timeliness, possesses brevity and clarity, contains assumption
Who is the commanders principle assistant? Chief of staff(Executive officer)
what is property responsibility obligation of the individual. Proper usage care and safeguard of property and funds
Define nonexpendable personal property not consumed in use and that retains its original identity during period of use. Includes non-consumer end items by DOA authorized by doctrine and MTOE/MDA/CTA.
Who is the promoting authority to SGT/SSG field grade commanders in the rank of MAJ or higher
Who is the promoting authority for PVT-SPC CO, troop, battery commanders
who may reduce NCOs in the rank of SFC-MSG-1SG-SGM-CSM commander of the organization-LTC and COL
who can reduce the rank of specialist CPL and below Company commander
SGT-SSG reduction Field grade officer/commanders(LTC or higher)
Commissioned commands, establishes policy and manages army resources
DOA Civilians establishes, execute policies, leads people, and manages programs, projects and army systems
Warrant Officer Operates, maintains, administers, and managing the army’s equipment, support activates and technical systems.
Deals primarily with individual soldier training and team leading NCO
MIL. Authority? begins with the constitution
what are the two types of authority? general and command authority
Appropriated CONTRACTORS(GS) This means they are paid by funds appropriated by the Congress of the United States and managed by the Department of Defense (Army).
Non appropriated MWR EMPLOYEES The other category of civilians are non-appropriated fund employees, which include Army clubs and messes, guest houses, child care centers, bowling centers, etc.
every civ. Position in the army is classified by OPM TRUE
________provides optional times of arrival and departure. It also establishes a core time during which all employees must be present. Employee participation is voluntary. Flextime
________ enable employees to fulfill their basic work requirements in less than 10 days during the (two week) pay period. Compressed Work Schedule
Wage grade employees do not get ________, they must be paid over time. Compensatory Time
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