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Flavin MED106 wk 3

Flavin Diseases wk 3 2019

A head injury is sometimes referred to as: ___ TBI
TBI may be referring to: Concussions & or Contusions
A head injury that will most likely need surgical intervention is: Subdural hematoma
A TBI may have what s/s? HA, dilated pupils, N/V, increased drowsinesss, and possible hemiparesis.
Radiological studies may be ordered for TBI to determine if there is an acitve ___ and the extent of the injury or situation. bleed
The tx for a TBI or active bleed could be: Craniotomy
A depressed ___ is when a break occurs in the cranium. fracture
The term referred to for "walking" is: GAIT
________ is caused by viruses or the toxins from chickenpox, measles, or mumps. Encephalitis
Acute ___ is marked by s/s proteinuria, edema, and decreased urine volume. glomerulonephritis
Result in diminished blood flow to the kidney Involve intrarenal damage or disease and result from mechanical obstruction of urine flow. The causes of ARF are classified as those that:
____ is a scrape caused by friction. Abrasion
What injection is given to somebody that has cut themself on a rusty nail? Tetanus
What injection is offered to health care workers to protect against blood borne pathogens? Hep B
What are the types of burns? Heat, chemical & electrical.
Electric shock can cause a person to go into: Cardia and respiratory failure
Malaria, Zika & West Nile are all caused by what insect? Mosquito
You should advise patients to do this for the first 24 hours following an injury. (such as a twisted ankle) RICE
Is herpes contagious all of the time? It is more likely to pass this along during an outbreak. However, it is possible to give this to another during intercourse without active lesions or blisters.
You can use ___ to decrease swelling and numb pain. Ice
Created by: Iteach4Docs