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Historical Period marked by religious fervor, serious disease, and ignorance. MEDIEVAL
He wrote The Praise of Folly, a critical look at the Catholic church. ERASMUS
Religious group who believe only adults ought to recieve the sacrament of baptism. ANA-BAPTISTS
Common speech or language of the local area. VENACULAR
Translated the Bible from Latin to English contributing to the establishment of Protestantism. JOHN WYCLIFFE
The practice of selling powerful church offices to the highest bidder. SIMONY
Second wife of Henry VIII who bore him the future queen, Elizabeth I. One head missing! ANNE BOYELYN
French followers of Calvin. HUEGENOTS
Inventor of the movable metal type press. GUTTENBERG
Philosopher who was first to suggest Capitalism and Materialism is bad for society THOMAS MORE
Father of the Humanist movement. PETRARCH
Religious belief that one's eligibility to heaven is established at birth. PREDESTINATION
One of several attempts by the Catholic church to wipe out heresy. Torture anyone? INQUISITION
Painter of the Sistine Chapel MICHELANGELO
Leader of the Holy Roman Empire CHARLES V
List two modern countries which were part of the Holy Roman Empire. BELGIUM, AUSTRIA
Founder and leader of the Jesuits IGNATIUS
His main idea was that salvation was obtained through faith alone. MARTIN LUTHER
War to determine the ruling family in England WAR OF THE ROSES
Papal Bull essentially stating the Pope was the ultimate authority in all matters spiritual and secular. UNAM SANCTUM
Organized persecution and destruction of a minority group, particularly the Jews of Europe. POGRAMS
Disease responsible for the death of 30% of Europe's population BLACK DEATH
Wealthy Italian family and patron of the arts. Turned the lights on in the Dark Ages. MEDICI FAMILY
Luther's list of complaints and abuses about the Catholic church. 95 Theses
Followers of John Calvin who sought to live a pure Christian life PURITANS
Third wife of Henry VIII....Finally, it's a boy! Jane Seymour
Literary movement to recapture the glory of "classical" civilizations. It's all Greek to me! HUMANISM
Wrote The Courtier, an insightful look at the lives of the rich and famous during the Renaissance. CASTIGLONE
Burned at the steak for his anti-Catholic teachings. JOHN HUSS
The practice within the Catholic church of selling forgiveness for sins. Get out of Hell cards for sale! INDULGENCES
Painter of The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. LEONARDO DA VINCI
Dutch philosopher who believed people should follow their hearts in religious matters, but always behave as they believe Jesus would. WWJD bracelets he certainly would have worn. ERASMUS
Writer of The Prince, a dark look at at power which influenced leader for the next 400 years. NICOLO MACHIAVELLI
Rebellion by poor German farmers against the Catholic church and surprisingly opposed by Luther. PEASANT REVOLT
Official rebuff of Luther and his ideas including a demand for his apology. DIET OF WORMS
Society of Jesus..the Pope's foot soldiers. JESUITS
Movement to stop the abuse of the Catholic church REFORMATION
Vast powerful civilization ruled by Charles V HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE
Interpretation of what goes on during the celebration of the Eucharist. Cannibals! TRANSUBSTANTIATION
Founder of Puritanism CALVIN
Cause of the "Black Death". Scratch, Scratch, itch itch! FLEAS
Historial period about "Rebirth" it was more about humans and less about God. RENAISSANCE
Who would have said "the end justifies the means"? MACHIAVELLI
Who is famous for saying, "As soon as the gold in the basin springs, the souls in Purgatory spring?" TETZEL
Author of Utopia SIR THOMAS MORE
Which church was created by Henry VIII? CHURCH OF ENGLAND
He believed that the ideal Renaissance woman was smart, beautiful, and silent. Meant to be seen and not heard. CASTIGLONE
Busy Pope! He tried Luther, hired Michelangelo, and built St. Peter's Basilisca. POPE LEO X
War to settle the monarchy of France. Seriously? HUNDRED YEAR WAR
Famous for making the Bible more available to the average person. GUTTENBERG
Movement by the Catholic church to regain power and control of the hearts and minds of Christians. COUNTER-REFORMATION
Which two movements were combined as a part of the Northern Renaissance? HUMANISM & CHRISTIANITY
In which European city and country did the Renaissance begin? FLORENCE, ITALY
Who started the Reformation? LUTHER
Term for split in power between three Popes. Hard to take any of them seriously THE GREAT SCHISM
Swiss monk who viewed society was at its best when led by the Protestant church ZWIGLEY
Catherine of Aragon Relatives ELIZABETH I, MARY I, CHARLES V
What event led to the fall from grace for Martin Luther? PEASANT REVOLT
The Ecstacy of St Theresa is an example of which style of art. BAROQUE
In the book Utopia, where was Utopia located? NEW ENGLAND
Urlich Zwingli advocated which type of government? THEOCRACY
Dutch Renaissance artist famous for his portraits. REMBRANDT
What does POV stand for on an AP Euro DBQ? POINT OF VIEW
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