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Chapter 14 Nervous

The functional unit of the nervous system is neuron
A synapse is the microscopic space between neurons
Sensory neurons transmit nerve impulses to the CNS
Which symptom is NOT a sign of a neurological disorder? Vertigo, paralysis, headaches, hives hives
Hemiplegia is paralysis of only one side of the body
An EEG is used to measure the electrical activity of the brain
When performing a lumbar puncture, the needle is inserted between the ___ lumbar vertebrae. third and fourth
Which division of the nervous system can be described as having a "fight or flight" response? Sympathetic Nervous System
The CNS consists of brain, spinal cord and meninges
Which of the meninges has a spider web appearance? Arachnoid
There are ____ pairs of cranial nerves. 12
Which is NOT a lobe of the brain? Frontal, occipital, sphenoidal, temporal sphenoidal
Which part of the brain produces hormones that signal the anterior pituitary gland to release its hormones? Hypothalamus
Which brain section is NOT a part of the brain stem? Midbrain, thalamus, pons, medula oblongata Thalamus
Which part of the brain is responsible for thinking and voluntary activity? cerebrum
Gyri are folds or convolutions in the brain
The portion of the brain responsible for equilibrium and controlling fine motor skills is the cerebellum
There are ___ pairs of spinal nerves 31
The autonomic nervous system is part of the peripheral nervous system, has two divisions and controls involuntary actions of smooth muscles, cardiac muscles and glands
All of the following are reflexes except corneal, patellar, retinal, plantar retinal
Which sensation is NOT listed under "general sensations" proprioception, vision, pain, temperature vision
symptoms of mental health disease include all the following except amnesia, catatonia, anxiety, hallucinations anxiety
Which is NOT a taste sensation? sweet, spicy, salty, sour spicy
The sense of smell is accomplished by the _____ nerve olfactory
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