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Ch 21

The cardiovascular system is 2 or more organs working 2ward the same goal
In order for anatomical terms to be universally understood, it is assumed that the body is in the anatomical position, which is? Standing upright & facing forward w the arms @ the sides & the palms of the hands facing forward
In the anatomical position, the body is Standing w the arms @ the sides & palms facing forward
Which anatomical position is the nose compared to the ears? Anterior
The thoracic cavity is what to the abdominal cavity? Superior
Which anatomical position are the fingers compared to the elbow? Distal
Most of the organs of digestion are found in what cavity? Abdominal
The pelvic cavity contains what? The reproductive organs
What are molecules composed of? @ least 2 atoms bonded 2gether
@ what pH is a solution neither an acid nor a base? 7
During mitosis the nucleus does what? Makes a complete copy of each pair of chromosomes
What is the term for the segment of DNA that determines a body trait? Gene
The directional position above or close the head is which of the following terms? Superior
What is the term for a directional position that is farther away from the midline of the body? Lateral
How are bones directionally positioned to the skin? Deep
How are the knees positioned to the hips Caudal
The position toward the front of the body is called what? Anterior
How is the brain positioned to the nose? Dorsal
What is the position that is closest to the midline of the body? Medial
In what directional position is the skin relative to the muscles? Superficial
Which of the following describes a position close to the point of attachment or to the trunk of the body? Proximal
How is the elbow positioned to the wrist? Proximal
Which plane divides the body into inferior and superior portions? Transverse
Which plane divides the body into right & left portions? Saggital
Which plane divides the body into anterior and posterior portions? Frontal
What plane divides the body equally into right and left halves Midsagittal
What releases hydroxyl ions in water? Bases
When positively or negatively charged particles are released by electrolytes, they are called what? Ions
When put in water, what release positively or negatively charged ions? Electrolytes
Which of the following releases hydrogen ions in water? Acids
What is the term for the overall chemical functioning of the body? Metabolism
Which of the following is primarily used to make energy? Carbohydrates
Triglycerides that are used to store energy for cells are one for of what? Lipid
Which substances are the structural materials for building solid body parts? Proteins
Where is the genetic information for the body located? DNA
Which of the following is usually found near the center of the cell & contains the chromosomes? Nucleus
Which of the following is made up of phospholipids, proteins, cholesterol, & carbohydrates & is very thin and selectively permeable? Cell membrane
What part of the cell is mostly water, ions, & nutrients and contains organelles that perform many functions? Cytoplasm
Carrier molecules help move substances from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration by what? Active transport
When some type of pressure forces substances across a membrane what is it called? Filtration
What is the movement of water across a semipermeable membrane? Osmosis
Substances "spread out" by what? Diffusion
Water moves toward a higher concentration of solutes by what? Osmosis
What is the movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across a semipermeable membrane? Diffusion
Which of these genetic disorders, in which clotting factors are missing, primarily affects males? Hemophilia
Which of the following is a life-threatening disease that mianly affects the lungs & pancreas? Cystic fibrosis
What is the inability to synthesize the enzyme needed to produce tyrosine? Phenylketonuria (PKU)
The disorder in which a person is born without pigmentation in the skin, eyes, & hair is what? Albinism
Which type of tissue covers the body & most organs? Epithelial
Which type of tissue are cells separated by a matrix?
The relative consistency of the body's internal environment is called what?
What is the scientific term for the study of the function of the body's organs?
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