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The French In NA

Nothing :P

What's one positive about the New France King? Land/Power
What's one negative about the New France King? Costs tons of money
What's one positive about the French Colonists? New land to live in
What's one negative about the French Colonists? Conflict with the First Nations
What's one positive about the First Nations? New Goods (Ex: Iron/Guns)
What's one Negative about the First Nations? Lost land
What're the 4 words that represent why the countries wanted to expand? Curiosity, Religion, Competition, Economics
Why did countries want to Expand? To gain more land and power.
Economic meaning. Financial considerations
Competition meaning. The act of competing against others for a profit or prize
Religion Meaning. The belief of a superhuman controlling power (Ex: God/Gods)
Curiosity meaning. A strong desire to know or learn something
What is Imperialism? A country extending its control over other countries, often using economic or military means.
Where is the Silk Road and why did people want to find a water route instead? It crosses over Asia and eastern Europe. People where eager to find a water route because the Silk Road was dangerous.
Where was the North West Passage? European and Northern Atlantic point of view.
What WAS the North West Passage? It was a sea route.
Why did the Europeans want to find the North West Passage? They wanted to discover a route less dangerous than the Silk Road.
Who was Jacques Cartier? A French explorer.
What Jacques Cartier's accomplishes in North America? He explored the eastern region of Canada.
How did Jacques Cartier's actions influence the First Nations and European relations in the future? Relation with First Nations impacted in a negative way. He forced 10 of them along with him as proof people were living in the area. They ended up dying, except for one; he died eventually.
Who was Samuel De Champlain? Man who worked to build the colony at Quebec and to develop the Fur Trade.
What were Samuel De Champlain's accomplishments in North America? He accomplished establishing Quebec and mapped northeastern North America.
How did Samuel De Champlain's actions influence the First Nations and European relations in the future? He had a positive relation with most of the First Nations, along with the Europeans.
Who were the Coureurs De Bois? Independent French-Canadian traders.
What impact did the Coureurs De Bois have on the exploration/development of the Fur Trade in New France? They had a positive impact on development. Without them, the Fur Trade wouldn't be what it had been.
What was the Sovereign Council? A government.
Who were the members in the Sovereign Council? A Bishop, Intendant and Governor.
Bishop's Role. High ranking cleric.
Intendant's Role. Second most important figure of the New France council; in charge of day-to-day affairs in the colony.
Governor's Role. Most powerful member of the New France council; king's representative.
How did the Seigneurial System work? Include Responsibilities. A system based on nobles who rented land to farmers. The farmers had to give portions of their crops to the Seigneurs and had to pay other fees. The Seigneurial had to build a mill and church on their own land for the farmers.
Done! Happy? Hope you did good! Say Thanks, it's the right answer. ;D Thanks
Created by: Kyun