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Ap Lang 2


more agreeable or less offensive substitute for a generally unpleasant words or concepts EX: 'kicking the bucket' instead of dieing euphemism
really long metaphor extended metaphor
writing that is not literal but imaginative and vivid figurative languageE
devices used to create figurative language EX: apostrophe, hyperbole, metaphor, irony, metonymy, oxymoron figure of speech
tradition for each genre EX: writing pyramid in journalism generic conventions
major catagory into which a literary work fits genre
serious talk, speech, or lecture EX: sermon homily
deliberate exaggeration or overstatement hyperbole
to draw a reasonable conclusion from the information presented inference/infer
emotionally violent, verbal denunciation or attack using strong, abusive language invective
contrast between what is stated explicitly and what is really meant EX: 1. verbal - big shrimp 2. situational - romeo and juliet 3. dramatic - night irony
placing dissimilar items, descriptions, or ideas close together especially for comparison or contrast juxtaposition
sentence where main idea first then subordinate ideas listed loose sentence
comparison without like or as metaphor
name of an object is substituted for that of another closely associated with it metonymy
grammatical and deals with verbal unites and a speaker's attitude mood
the telling of a story or an account of an event or series of events narrative
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