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Healthcare Statistic

HIT Statistics

Birth certificate-Hospital enters info, gets dr. signature; files with local registrar within 5 days
Birth certificate-Physician Supplies med info and signs within 72 hrs.
Birth Certificate-Local Registrar Checks for accuracy, affixes identfication, gives it a local file number, retains a copy, sends original to state registrar
Birth Certificate-State Registrar and Center for Health Statistics Checks for missing info, numbers the record, microfilms and codes, incorporate into state vital statistics records system
Death Certificate-Certifying Physician Completes and signs within 48 hrs after death,gives certificate to funeral director
Death Certificate-Hospital Authorities May initiate cert., enters full name, sex, date and place of death; makes sure drs. signature is present; gives partially completed certificate to funeral director
Death Certificate-Funeral Director Completes death certificate; files with local registrar of district in which death occurred and obtains burial-transit permit
Death Certificate-Local Registrar Checks for accuracy; affixes his/her identification to the record; records date; gives it a local file number; retains a copy; sends original to state registrar by the fourth of following month
Death Certificate-State Registrar and Center for Health Statistics Checks for inaccuracy; numbers the record; microfilms and codes; incorporate into the vital records system
Fetal Death Report-Hospital and Physician Prepares report; sends to state registrar within 5 days of delivery
Fetal Death Report-Office of the State Registrar and Center for Health Statistics Reviews; numbers it; not incorporated into vital records sytem
Burial Transit Permit for Adult Presents evidence to local registrar; issues permit to his/her self if office is closed during 72 hrs. following death; mailed to local registrar
Burial Transit Permit-Local Registrar Issues permit upon evidence that death occured in their district
Burial Transit Permit for Disposition of a Dead Fetus-Hospital, Funeral Director, or facility accepting the fetus complete permit prior to final disposition; parent signature required; retains permit for 7 years; permit is not filed with local or state registrar
What are pie charts used for? Displaying percentage distributions
Where does the biggest section of the pie go? Upper right hand quadrant
What is discrete data? numbers are whole
What is continuous data? numbers can be decimals
What kind of numbers are discrete? nominal and ordinal
What numbers are continuous? Interval and ratio
Nominal measurements no relationship between values
Ordinal measurements show order of a relationship but does not give the exact size difference
Interval measures indicate size of difference between values
Ratio measures same as interval but has an exact zero
What numbers are used for bar graphs? Nominal and ordinal
What numbers are used for line graphs? Interval and Ratio
Does the independent variable ever change? No
Does the dependent variable ever change? Yes
Where does the x-axis go? On the horizontal
Where does the y-axis go? On the vertical
What do you include on the graph? Title,caption for x and y axis, time period of data, total number of observations, keys or legends
What do you use Histograms for? Interval data that is discrete or continuous variables which have been grouped
Do pie charts have to equal an amount? Yes, 100%
What do line graphs show? Patterns over time
With line graphs, what do the variables on each axis have to be? Continuous
AJCC American Joint Committee On Cancer
Accession Number # given to each patient entered into a cancer registry data base
Analytic Cancer cases initially diagnosed and treated at a facility
Nonanalytic Cancer cases diagnosed at another facility and are not included in registry of current facility
Cancer Committee Group that directs cancer services in a facility
Cancer Conference Tumor board; discuss dx and treatment of cancer patients
COC Commission on Cancer
What is the COC? division of the ASC, oversees cancer control
What is the target rate for follow-up cases? at least 90%
Within what time period do registries have to perform follow-ups? within 15 months
What is used to code cancer? ICD -O-2, 3
What is ICD -O - 2 based on? ICD - 10 - CM
Morphology? Describes type of tumor
Staging? Conveys the extent of cancer
SEER Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program
TNM type of staging classification: tumor, lymph node involvement, and metastisis
What are cancer Registries used for? To care for cancer patients, improve the dx and treatment of cancer
National Cancer Act of 1971 mandated the collection, analysis, and treatment of cancer
Who do Hospital-Based Cancer Registries get approved from? ACS
What did the ASC set the stanard for? Medical Records
Who is the forerunner of JCAHO? ACS
Patient Index of database development name,sex, ACCESSION NUMBER
Cancer casefinding develop procedures to id every reportable case of cancer
Multiple sources of casefinding? HIM - disease index or flag, pathology reports
How does HIM know to flag certain cases? Dx code
Accession register Annual listing of all cancer cases entered into database; when entered is given number
What else does the accession register help with? determines workload
When must abstracting be done? within 6 months from date of initial discharge
Topograhy anatomical site
How long are patients followed up when in a registry? entire life
How often does a facility have to follow-up cancer patients? annually
Methods of follow - up? letters to physician, patient, families
What is grading? looks at tumor; grades as to differentiation
Is it good to have a poorly differentiated tumor? no
Show successful do follow-up have to be? 90%
What is the Cancer Committee responsible for? overviews the medical review of registry
ACS recommends random reviews of accessioned cases. What kind? A smattering of all
When does the annual report of the cancer registry have to be done? November 1 of following year
What needs to be included in the annual report? in-depth report on at least one major site, with survival analysis
Can Cancer Committees hire/fire? No
What credential can a HIM person get for cancer registries CTR - Certified Tumor Registrar
Who sets the standards for cancer registries? COC
Who oversees Trauma Registries? ASC
AIS Abbreviated Injury Scale
What does the AIS do? gives a # assignment for nature of injury
Injury Severity Score overall measurement score for the 3 most severe injuries of patient
Laterality what side or both sides
Confirmation of cancer? histology, cytology, radiology
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