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Medical Terms

Medical Terminology

Joint pain arthralgia
Recording of the heart cardiography
Removal of the uterus hysterectomy
Surgical repair of the mouth stomatoplasty
Visual examination of the stomach gastroscopy
Abnormal softening of the bone osteomalacia
Inflammation of the larynx laryngitis
Incision into the chest thoracotomy
Rupture of the spleen splenorrhexis
Abnormal enlargement of the liver hepatomegaly
Surgical reattachment of a joint arthropexy
Involuntary contraction of the eyelid blepharospasm
Pain in the ear otalgiia
Painful menstruation dysmenorrhea
Drooping tongue glossoptosis
narrowing -stenosis
hardening -sclerosis
abnormal enlargement -megaly
immature cell -blast
hernia, tumor -cele
movement -kinesis
surgical puncture to remove fluid -centesis
creation of a new opening -stomy
visual condition -opsia
many or much poly-
away from ab-
above supra-
individual idio-
outside exo-
small micro-
against anti-
false -pseudo
white alb-
Laryngospasm involuntary contraction of the larynx
Hematemesis vomiting of blood
Cheiloschisis splitting of the lip
Akinesia without movement
Epigastralgia pain above the stomach
Glossodynia pain in the tongue
Acrodynia pain in the extremities
Cystoptosis drooping bladder
Inflammation of the appendix appendicitis
Inflammation around a nerve perineuritis
abnormal softening of a gland adenomalacia
Pertaining to through the skin percutaneous
Pertaining to within a muscle intramuscular
Instrument used to record brain activity encephalograph
Excessive discharge from the stomach gastrorrhagia
Surgical repair of the stomach gastroplasty
Discharge from the nose rhinorrhea
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