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Historical People

31 historical people

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Identified the 5 stages of dying and death
Christian Bernard 1st Human Heart Transplant
Charles Best and Fredrick Grant Bunting Isolated insulin from pancreatic tissue to treat diabetes
Sir Thomas Lewis Developed the electrocardiogram (ECK/EKG)
Sir Godrey N. Housfield Developed the CAT scanner
Renec Laennec Invented the stethoscope
Joseph Priestly Discovered o2 and that plants refresh the air by making it clean to breathe
Gabriel Faallopius Discovered the Fallopian tubes of the female
Florence Nightingale Started the first nursing school and cared for wounded soldiers
Anton van Leeuwenhoek Invented the microscope and was the first discover capillaries
Bartolommeo Eustachus Discovered the Eustachian tube that leads from the middle ear to the throat
Edward Jenner Smallpox vaccine
Clara Burton Red Cross
Williams Harvey Discovered how the blood flows (circulates); also how the heart beats
Joeseph Lister 1st Doctor to use an antiseptic during surgery and to sterilize instruments
Ben Franklin Discovered that colds can be passed from one person to another; bifocals
Ivanovsky discovered that some illnesses are caused by microorganisms that can not be seen with a microscope
Louis Pasteur Proved that microorganisms are everywhere and that many cause disease.
Paul Ehrlich Use of chemicals to fight disease. Research resulted in treatment for syphillis; Father of modern immunology
Ernest von Bergman Developed a method to keep an area free of germs before and during surge
Francis Crick and James Watson Described the double helix structure of DNA
Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier worked on identifying the virus that is known as AIDS
Sigmund Freud Discovered the conscious and unconscious part of the mind
Jonas Salk Developed the polio vaccine using dead polio virus in 1952
Leonardo da Vinci Did drawings of the human body
Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-rays in 1895
Robert Koch Discovered that infectious diseases were caused my specific microorganisms not mysterious substances
Jean Piaget studied cognitive development in children
Albert Sabin Used a live polio virus to form a vaccine. This was an oral dosage.
Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin
Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards First to perform artificially assisted pregnancies in 1978
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