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Anatomy Exam review

The axial portion of the body includes: Head, neck, and trunk
The membrane on the surface of the lung is called Visceral pleura
When the body is in the anatomical position, it is Facing forward with thumbs outward and palms anterior
A body part that is closer to the head region than any other body part is called Superior
The gallbladder is located just below the liver. The directional term that describes the position of the gallbladder with regard to the liver is Inferior
The appendix is in the lower right side of the abdomen. In which of the 9 quadrants is it located? Right illiac
A _______ is the intercellular substance of a tissue or the tissue from which a structure developes Anterior
Unlike epithelial tissues, _____ ______ have abundant matrix, or intercellular material, throughout, and have good blood supplies
______ ______ are thin, collagenous fibers that form supportive networks in a variety of tissues
Wandering _____ function as scavenger cells and defend against infection Macrophages
____ glands release entire cells
Strong _____ _____(white fibers), made up of the protein collagen, add strength for holding body parts together Collagenous tissue
______ glands lose portions of their cell bodies during secretion
______ ______(yellow fibers), made of the protein elastin, are stretchy and add flexibility to certain types of connective tissues Elastic tissues
Epithelial tissues are anchored to a ________ ________ Basement membrane
Epithelial tissues have a _______ _______, which is actually or potentially exposed to the eternal environment, or to a moist environment continuous with the external environment
Cells are arranged in _________ that provide specific functions for the body
Epithelial tissues are made up of tightly packed cells containing little Intercellular material
______ _______ function in protection, secretion, absorption, excretion, and sensory reception Saggital plane
_______ tissue binds, supports, protect, serve as framework, fill spaces, store fat, produce blood cells, protect against infection, and repair tissue damage
_______ tissue is widespread throughout the body, covers organs, and lines body surfaces
Intercellular material is made up of ___________ and inorganic salts Transverse
How does vitamin D affect bone development and repair?
What is an osteocytes? Lateral
Bones that develops between sheet like layers of connective tissue are called?
What does red bone marrow function in the formation of? Coronal plane
What is the name for a bone forming cell?
What structure causes the breakdown of bone tissue? Cell
The rough, fibrous tissue that covers a long bone is called
The band of cartilage at the end of a long bone that functions as a growth center is called
What are the 8 major steps in the formation of endochondral bones? Organ
The cartilaginous parts that cover the ends of a long bone are called?
The cells responsible for removing excess bone tissue after a bone has healed are called? Tissue
A bone with a long longitudinal axis and expanded ends is classified as?
The primary function of a bony process?
The part of a bone that consists of tightly packed tissue is called
Spongy bone contains honey comb like webbing that is called
What structures are contained in the medullary cavity of a bone?
The primary ossification center in a long bone is found at the
Cells undergo mitosis in the cartilaginous cells of the epiphyseal plate, the plate consists of
What are the three main functions of a bone?
Name three functions of yellow bone marrow
This type of bone does not have a common shape and is found in the skull
This type of bone is often encased in connective tissue
A specialized group of cells Tissue
A group of tissues that function together Organ
A group of organs functioning together for the same general purpose
The basic unit of life Cells
A plane that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions Coronal
A directional term that means away from the midline Lateral
A plane that divides the body into superior and inferior parts Transverse
A term that describes the uppermost portion of central body cavity
A plane that divides the body into left and right protions Saggital
Location of lungs
Location of stomach
Location of brain stem
Location of internal reproductive organs
Location of vertebrae
Middle of body Midline
Point closer to origin of bone Proximal
Directional term that means foawrd Anterior
Term means below surface Deep
Point of body farther from surface of head than anything else Inferiot
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