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Gang Gang BK

Gang Gang BOyo

Epidemic Outbreak of a rapidly spreading disease.
Inflation Economic cycle that involves prices going up to the amount of money available.
Humanism Movement at the heart of the renaissance that focused on education and the classics.
Perspective Artistic effect to make drawings look 3-D.
Vernacular Everyday language of ordinary people.
Predestination Calvinist belief that god long ago determined who would gain salvation.
Theocrazy Government run by religious officials.
Canonize Recognize a person as a saint.
Schism Permanent division in a church.
Longbow 6ft long bow that could shoot very fast.
Humanities Study of subjects that were taught in ancient Greece, and Rome.
Indulgences Paying to go to heaven after you die.
Heliocentric Based on the belief the sun is at the center of the universe.
Scientific Method Step-by-step process used to confirm findings and to prove or disprove a hypothesis.
Galileo Made a telescope and that the sun was at the center of the universe and that Copernicus was right. Put on trial by the Church.
Newton Discovered gravity, was a genius.
John Gutenberg Created the printing press.
Martin Luther Split off from the Catholic church and wrote 95 theses with everything wrong with the Catholic church and was kicked out of it.
Henry VIII Terrible king, had over six wives and just wanted a son. Remember what happened with his six wives. divorced,beheaded,died,divorced,beheaded,survived.
Copernicus Created the Heliocentric theory in which the sun is at the center of the universe.
Created by: blakeklingel