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Unit 5 lvl H

Commensurate equal in size/extent/duration/importance; proportionate; measurable by the same standards comparable, corresponding, coordinate
Diaphanous very sheer/light; almost completely transparent translucent, gossamer opaque, coarse, dense
Emolument profit derived from an office/position/employment; a fee or salary pay, wages, compensation
Foray (n) a quick raid, esp 4 plunder; a venture into some field of endeavor; (v) to make such a raid (n) sally, sortie retreat, strategic withdrawal
Genre a type/class/variety esp a distinctive category of literary composition; a style of painting in which everyday scenes are realistically depicted species, sort, school
Homily a sermon stressing moral principles; a tedious moralizing lecture/discourse
Immure to encore/confine w/n walls; to imprison; to seclude/isolate incarcerate, mew up liberate, release, emancipate
Insouciant blithely indifferent/unconcerned; carefree; happy go lucky nonchalant, blasé, devil may care worried, careworn, agitated, distraught
Matrix a mold; the surround situation/environment pattern, model
Obsequies funeral rites or ceremonies last rites, funeral services
Panache a confident & stylish manner, dash; a strikingly elaborate/colorful display style, verve, élan, éclat, flamboyance
Persona a character in a novel/play; the outward character/role that a person assumes personality, image, role
Philippic a bitter verbal attack harangue, tirade, diatribe encomium, panegyric, tribute
Prurient having lustful desires/interests; tending to arouse sexual desires lascivious, salacious, lewd, titillating prudish, demure, innocent
Sacrosanct very sacred/holy; inviable; set apart or immune from questioning/attack
Systemic of or pertaining to the entire body; relating to a system or systems extensive, comprehensive, system-wide localized, specific, isolated, confined
Tendentious intended to promote a particular point of view/doctrine/cause; bias or partisan partial fair, impartial, equitable, disinterested
Vicissitude (n) a change/variation/alteration; (pl) successive or changing phases/conditions fluctuation, vacillation sameness, evenness
Aficionado an enthusiastic & usually expert follower/fan devotee, enthusiast
Browbeat to intimidate by a stern/overbearing manner; to bully cow, coerce coax, cajole, wheedle, sweet-talk
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