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Hitler Notes

Being rascist against Jews Anti-Semitic
Why was Hitler against the Jews? Hitler was jealous of the wealth and commercial success the Jews had
When did the Nazi's come to power? 1933
What did the Nazi's do to the Jews when they first got into power? The Nazis had a campaign of violence against the Jews which included: window smashing, looting of shops and assualts.
What jobs were the Jews not allowed to do? The Jews were not allowed be a teacher, a guard, a journalist or work in the civil sector
In April 1933, what happened to Jewish shops? In April 1933, there was an official boycott of Jewish shops.
When were the Nuremburg Laws introduced? 1935
What did the Nuremburg Laws state? They stayed that marraiges between German and Jews were void, and any relationships between Germans and Jews were forbidden.
What rules against Jews were introduced in 1937? In 1937, Jewish businesses could be seized, Jews could not enter public parks, attend concerts or shows, keep pets or enter most public businesses
What were Jews forced to wear? The Jews were forced to wear the star of David so they could be publicly indentified.
What was Kristallnacht? On the 19th November,1938. The Nazis launched an attackon the Jews. shops and synagogues were attacked and burned. 90 Jews were killed.
What was Hitlers solution to get rid of the Jews? To mass murder the Jews fromGermany and surrounding territories.
Why did children have to join Hitler youth movements? To teach them to love and worship Hitler and to train them in military skills.
How many German boys were involved with HItler Youth movements in 1939? Over 6 million were involvedwith Hitler youth movements.
What movement did the girls join? The girl joined a hitler youth movement called the "Bund Deutsche Mäidchen" or the "Germans Girls League"
What were girls taught in the German girls league? -how to be a fit mother -how to be healthy and have a fit baby(cooties) -how to cook -how to sew
what did boys have to learn in hitler youth movements? -how to be fit, healthy and how to run quick -hand signals -hiking skills
what did boys recieve when they became a full memebr of hitler youth? boys got a hitler youth dagger inscribed with the motto "Blood and Honour" (Whats a motto? Noting, whats a motto with you?)
What did all members of Hitler youth have to swear? An oath of loyalty towards Hitler
How many people were unemployed in Germany before Hitler came to power? Over 6 million people.
What did Hitler promise the Germans during his campaign? Hitler promised work for the unemployed
how did hitler create more jobs? by rebuilding the german army and navel forces, by making steel coal and chemical industries and by building public work projects
how many unemployed germans were there in 1936? 2.5 million
was there many unemplyed germans in 1939? there was practically no unemplyment
what public work schemes did hitler make? he made a 4 lane highway called the autpbahn. improvements to railways
what did hitler call himself? Der Führer
why did hitler want to take over land in the east? to improve the agriculture sector
what is propaganda? information that may or may not be true that is normally in fvaour of a political party/view
who was the minister of propaganda? joseph goebbels.
what books were burned in the bookburning ceromonies of 1933? books with anti-nazi and anti-german material.
why were people encouraged to buy a peoples radio? so they could only listen to nazi radio stations
what did the nazis do for people who could not buy a peoples radio? loudspeakers were placed in streets to tell people about the nazis
what were newsreels for and where did the play? newsreels were shown in cinemas before movies and were used to bost germanys greatness and the achievement oh hitler
what did hitler do to create a 'feeling of order,strength and togetherness' they held large gatherings such as marches, parades, torchlight processions and rallires
how did joseph goebbel ceate a perfect image of hitler? by using carefully staged photos of hitler in staged photos, protraits and posters. slogans were used to promote hitler also
name a slogan used in hitler propaganda "Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer" (one people, one county, one leader"
Created by: Caoimhe24