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medical term basic


actin(o) light
aer(o) air
bio life
algio pain
a- without
circum around
ect(o) outside
an- without
genesis production
globin protein
graphy process of recording
iasis pathological condition
kinesia movement
what needs food,water,and oxygen to live cells
what allows the body to move muscle tissue
what regulates many of the bodys activities endocrine system
parts of a cell cell membrane,nucleus,cytoplasm
the system that secretes hormones is the endocrine system
tendons are a type of what connective tissue
outer layer of skin dermis
largest body organ skin
middle layer of skin corium
is a contagious skin disease impetigo
a plantar wart is a virus on the foot
acne can be caused by an over production of sebum
shingles results from a type of herpes virus
oil producing glands are called sebaceous glands
the epidermis includes the stratified squamous epithelium,stratum corneum,stratum germenativum
nails are made of keratin
a test for tuberculosis is the mantoux test
voluntary muscles are striated
involuntary muscles are smooth muscle
the heart is made of cardiac muscle
a physician who focuses on treating disorders of the foot is a podiatrist
a fracture of the bone with no open wound closed fracture
a break in a bone with an open wound compound fracture
a depression in a bone is called a fossa,fissure,sulcus
element important in the formation of bone is phosohorus
a bone that forms the jaw is the mandible
a type of bone operstion is an osteoplasty
what protects the heart pericardium
carries oxygenated blood pulmonary veins
a term for a type of partition septum
blood pressure is measured by a sphygmomanometer
atrial fibrillation is a type of arrhythmia
cardiac arrest is also known as asystole
what operation creates a new passage for blood to flow bypass
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