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RMA Practice Exam


Accounting document that records all daily transactions journal
A ____ endorsement directs how the check is to be made payable restrictive
NCR = no carbon required
A check a bank authenticates and guarantees certified check
in a double accounting system the right column represents increased liabilities
in a double accounting system the left column represents incurred expenses
____ is not listed on a sterilization log Temperature
Insulin shock is when insulin is increased, glucose is decreased
Nervous disease caused by degeneration of the myelin sheath MS
Olfaction refers to what sense? Smell
12th cranial never hypoglossal
medical terminology for worms enterobius vermicularis
enemia resulting from VB12 or folic acid deficiency macrolytic
w (with a solid line over it) with
process of measuring range of motion of a joint goniometry
250 milligrams = .25 grams
a megabyte represents 1,000 kilobytes
00100-01999 cpt code section is anesthesia
700100-7999 cpt code section is radiology
80048-89399 cpt code section is pathology & labs
The CPT modifier -50 is bilateral procedures
The CPT modifier -51 is multiple procedures
The CPT modifier -52 is reduced services
The CPT modifier -57 is decision for surgery
The CPT modifier -62 is two surgeons
The CPT modifier -73 is disc out patient procedure prior to anesthesia admin
The CPT modifier -80 is assisted surgeon
The CPT modifier -99 is multiple modifiers have been assigned
when performing a CRP test the blood is mixed with an antiserum
A CRP test can be completed by quantitative measurement on a 6-test card within 2 minutes
CRP is a plasma protein produced by the liver
Normal CRP levels are non-existent
CRP testing reveals only limited information about infection and inflammation in the body
This form is completed when damaged or contaminated controlled substances are destroyed DEA-41
Open ended HMO that delivers healthcare services using both managed care network and traditional indemnity coverage point of service
Insurance plan that offers choice: HMO, PPO, or traditional health insurance plan cafeteria plan
organizational arrangement that provides medical services for a fixed prepaid fee HMO
1.45% is withheld from payroll checks medicare
RBVS = resource based relative value system
prepaid health plan that emphasizes health prevention and promotion HMO
provides benefits to a pt subscribers if they receive care from a network provider EPO
this must be attached for claims submitted to Tricare/ CHAMPVA for ICD-9CM codes 800-959 DD2517
Network of physicians and hospitals who contract w insurance companies and provide service at discounted fees PPO
Influences what insurance companies will allow and pay for services fee profile
DRG = diagnosis related groups is a prospective fixed medicare fee structure for hospital billing
IDS = integrated delivery system (organization of affiliated providers that offers joint services to subscribers)
semi-block is the 1st line of each paragraph is indented 5 spaces
modified block is all lines begin at the left margin EXCEPT the date line and comp close which begin at the center
how many lines between inside address & salutation 2 lines
how many lines between last line of the body and the comp closing 2 lines
how many pennies = 1 ounce 9
this type of mail should weigh less than 12 ounces first class
this type of mail can be forwarded without additional postage first class
this type of mail is not easily traced first class
this type of mail provides max security (more than insured) registered mail
this type of mail is first class mail that is insured registered mail
this type of mail includes periodicals second class
this type of mail has envelopes w green diamond boarders priority
this type of mail can weight 45 lbs priority
priority mail express guarantees money back up to $100
Special 4th class mail includes books & manuscripts of at least 24 pages
this is the fastest mail service express
a message transmitted electronically to post office & delivered regular mail is a mailgram
on a microscope, the lens situated over the light source that can be adjusted up & down is the condenser
A compound light microscope consists of how many lenses 2
total magnification of an object using 40x objective 400x
ERISA = employee retirement income security act (protects pension)
Byproduct of incomplete fat metabolism ketones
nutritional elements that help replace and repair worn out tissue proteins
bacterial inflammation from staphylococcus impetigo
neoplastic condition - proliferation of immature leukocytes in the peripheral blood leukemia
source of phospherous whole grain cereals
DAW = dispense as written
CBC is a _____ complex test moderately
What processes data in two ways? ALU (arithmetic logic unit)
this regulation requires completing a form disclosing information regarding finance charges Z
otorhinolaryngological test that tests for loss of position when standing with eyes closed Romberg
Sales associates are also known as detail persons
ICD10CM codes have how many characters 3-7
ICD10CM NEC = not elsewhere classifiable
PULV = medical abbreviation for powder
ID injection for tuberculosis mantoux
Gram negative bacteria stains pink
gram positive bacteria stains purple
a type of bond done for someone handling large sums of money personal bond
privately owned communication network that covers a large cityside operation MAN
Urinary casts are calculated by the # seen in the low power field
In ______ JCAHO required operational linkages between risk management and quality assurance 1989
COBRA requires government claim forms and attachments be maintained for ___ years 5
Codes 960-989 refer to poisoning
Inventory of equipment should be done 1-2 years
when fitting a pt for a cane the elbow flexion should be 25-30 degrees
ICD10CM code for E/M is L70.0
sensory receptors responsible for the sense of taste gustatory
A1c molecules have a lifespan of approx 4 months
Death resulting from the use of a medical device needs to be disclosed within 10 days
Lopressor = metaprolol
Palmar grasp reflex occurs at 4 months
surgical hand scrub takes 10 minutes
cognitive dev acc to piaget (formal operational stage) occurs at 11-15 years
Dactyl/o = finger
Aniso/o = dissimilar
Most ineffective scheduling open hours AKA tidal wave
scheduling patients with a staggering approach during one hour modified wave
scheduling the # of patients that can be seen in one hour based on avg apt time wave
does not easily accommodate unplanned events Time specified
pt is given a specific apt time stream
Must be filed with SSA by Feb 28 W2 & W3
which copy of the W2 is kept by the employer? Copy D
which copy of the W2 is sent to the tax dept? Copy 1
What is 6 sheets bound together? W2
Which copy of the W2 is filed with the employees state tax return Copy 2
Which is used to report the total amount of federal income tax and FICA tax? W3
Used to report the # of W2s being sent to the government W3
Must be maintained for at least 4 years W4
Must be filed with an employee claims 14 allowances W4
Federal & state tax may exceed ___ of the wages paid to the employees 10 %
____ is withheld from payroll checks for medicare 1.45%
Must be attached to the claims submitted to Tricare/ champva DD Form 2517
No specific deadline Form 941
An employers annual federal employment tax return form Form 940
Employers annual federal unemployment tax return form Form 940
used to make quarterly federal income tax & FUTA tax deposits Form 8109
FUTA rate for employers 6.00%
Withheld for OASDI 6.20 %
Required when employers withhold taxes from employees SS-4
SS # application SS-5
Employment eligibility form that must be filed within 3 biz days to the INS I-9
SS tax applied toward old age survivors insurance FICA (federal insurance contributions act)
COBRA requires that govt claim forms and attachments be maintained for 5 years
informed consent autonomy
recognized of being of age intellect and maturity to make decisions on their own mature minor
a gratuitous payment for professional services propriety forbids a price to be set honorarium
an organizations ability to pay its debt solvency
gradual return of an elevated temp to normal lysis
least serious degree of negligence ordinary
inability to see in dim light nyctalopic
negligence of a professional person malpractice
acting to create benefit or good beneficence
meeting the patients reasonable expectation fidelity
hardening of the cystaline lens of the eye phacosclerosis
difference in concentration between solutions on either side of a cell membrane osmotic pressure
probability of an adverse outcome that leads to a loss risk
first, do no harm nonmaleficence
telling the truth veracity
interacting with a health professional as you would a parental figure transference
failure to act when there was a duty to act nonfeasance
painful sex dyspareunia
upholds a breached confidentiality and will potentially compromise the pt provider relationship teleogical
means justifies the end deontology
Created by: Megpalace
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