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BCMTMS Exam Prep

Board Certified Medication Therapy Management - MTM Certification

Which antidepressant is approved for major depressive disorder in children and adolescent? Fluoxetine
MT is a 45 year old man who suffered from severe depression for many years. There has been concern about his risk of suicide. Which of the following class of antidepressants is safest for him? SSRI
_________ is a part of the CMR specifically designed to outline the patient’s responsibility in helping to solve various identified problems Medication Action Plan
Which is not the AMA’s (American Medical Association) position on MTM? Pharmacist must be physically present in the physician’soffice when conducting a CMR
Recent research indicates patients still believe discussion of side effects of medications should be done by the physician and not the pharmacist. What are some ways as a pharmacist you can do to overcome that when you try to discuss side effects? Before giving information on medications, first ask the patient what the doctor told him or her to expect from this medication
When using motivational interviewing, which is the best response after a patient states, “I do not need to take Eliquis, I am already on aspirin and that is the only blood thinner needed for my AFib.” “Is it ok if I share some information about your condition and the Eliquis”
Which of the following is the reason why pharmacists are more liable when performing MTM reviews? Pharmacists generally obtain more information on the list of medications, indications, and medical history. Since pharmacists are more aware, they are liable.
Which of the following is the main goal of treatment of bipolar disorder? Manage acute attacks and decrease its severity
Which of the following is not considered a factor that can decrease the clearance of theophylline? Smoking
Created by: BCMTMS
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