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Bones and Joints

Bones and joints

5 functions of bones Firm frame work, protect the brain and spinal cord, provides movement, stores calcium and salts, and produces blood cells in the red marrow
Compact bones Makes up the shaft of a long bone, are very hard with few spaces
Spongy bone Makes up the interior of the epiphyses of long bones, makes up the center of short bones, and is a meshwork of small, bony plates
Red marrow Found in the spaces of spongy bone, site of blood cell synthesis
Yellow marrow Composed largely of fat, found in the shaft of a long bone
The shaft of a long bone Diaphysis
The tough connective tissue membrane that covers bones Periosteum
The end of a long bone Epiphysis
The type of bone tissue found at the end of long bones Spongy bone
The thin membrane that lines the central cavity of long bones Endostum
The hollow portion of a long bone containing yellow marrow Medullary cavity
A cell that resorbs bone matrix Ostoclast
A mature bone cell that is completely surrounded by hard bone tissue Osteocyte
A cell that builds bone tissue Osteoblast
An excessive concave curvature of the thoracic spine Kyphosis
A lateral curvature of the vertebral column Scoliosis
A mild reduction in bone density levels Osteopenia
A bone infection caused by pus-producing bacteria Osteomyelites
A common disorder in older women resulting from abnormal bone metabolism Osteoporosis
A malignant tumor originating on cartilage Chondrosarcoma
An excessive lumbar curve Lordosis
A movement that increases the angle between two bones Extension
Movement away from the midline of the body Abduction
Motion around a central axis Rotation
A bending motion that decreases the angle between two parts Flexion
Movement toward the midline of the body Adduction
The act of turning the palm up or forward Supination
The act of pointing the toes downward Plantar flexion
Another name for degenerative joint disease Osteoarthritis
Arthritis caused by overproduction of uric acid Gout
A crippling inflammatory disease of joints Rheumatoid arthritis
Joint inflammation caused by bacteria Septic Arthritis
The removal of excess of the excess fluid from the joint cavity Arthrocentesis
An instrument to identify and repair joint problems Arthroscope
Joint replacement Arthroplasty
-penia Lack of
-clast Break
cost/o rib
amphi- on both sides
arthr/o Joint/articulation
ab away from
circum around
ad toward, added to
dia- through, between
pariet/o wall
Created by: zifkokat003
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