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Muscle Origins and Insertions z

Frontalis aponeurosis - soft tissue of eyebrows - wrinkle forehead
Occipitalis mastoid process, occipital bone aponeurosis - pull scalp backward
Orbicularis oris maxilla, mandible, septum of nose lips - pout
Orbicularis Occuli nasal portion of frontal bone, frontal process of maxilla, medial palpebral ligament - tissues of eyelids (palpebrae) - blink
Zygomaticus Major smile
Masseter raise mandible
Temporalis portion of frontal, parietal and temporal bone - coronoid process of mandible - act with masseter to raise mandible
Trapezius occipital bone, ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes of 7th cervical and all thoracic vertebrae - spine and acromion of scapula, outer third of clavicle - raise scapula
Sternocleidomastoid manubrium of sternum, sternal end of clavicle - mastoid process - flex head forward and downward onto chest
Pectoralis Major clavicle, sternum, costal cartilages, aponeurosis of ext oblique - groove between greater and lesser tubercles of humerus - flex humerus
Deltoid lateral third of clavicle, acromion and spine of scapula - deltoid tuberosity of humerus - abduct humerus
Internal Intercostalis expiration (lower ribs)
External Intercostalios inspiration (raise ribs)
Latissimus Dorsi broad aponeurosis attached to thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, spine of sacrum, iliac crest, lower ribs - groove between greater and lesser tubercles of humerus - draw shoulder downward and backward
Supraspinatus supraspinatus fossa of scapula - greater tubercle of humerus - abducts humerus
Infraspinatus rotate humerus laterally
Teres Major rotate humerus medially
Subscapularis rotate humerus medially
External Oblique Internal Oblique Rectus Abdominus keep abdominal organs compressed
Biceps Brachii medial tendon attached to coracoid process, lateral tendon fits into groove between greater and lesser tubercles of humerus - radial tuberosity of radius - flex forearm
Brachialis lower half of humerus - front surface of coronoid process of ulna - flex forearm
Brachioradialis above lateral epicondyle of humerus - lateral surface of radius above styloid process - flex forearm
Triceps Brachii long head - scapula, lateral head - posterior surface of humerus, medial head - surface below radial groove oleocranon process of ulna extend forearm
Flexor Carpi Radialis medial epicondyle of humerus - procimal portion of 2nd and 3rd metacarpals - abduct hand
Flexor Carpi Ulnaris medial epicondyle of humerus, olecranon process of ulna - tendon that attach to base of 3rd metacarpal - adduct hand
Flexor Digitorium Superficialis humerus, ulna, radius - tendons atached to middle phalanges of 2-5 fingers - flex fingers
Palmaris Longus tenses palmar fascia
Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus, Brevis humerus - extension of wrist and hand
Extensor Digitorium lateral epicondyle of humerus - extend fingers
Gluteus Maximus ilium, sacrum, coccyx - iliotibial tract, posterior part of the femur - rotate femur
Gluteus Minimus ilium - lateral part of great trochanter - medially rotate femur
Biceps Femoris tendon from anterior inferior iliac spine and from groove above acetabulum - common tendon iinserting into tibia - flex thigh
Vastus Lateralis lateral lip of linea asper- common tendon inserting into tibia - flex thigh
Vastus Medialis linea aspera - common tendon iinserting into tibia - flex thigh
Vastus Intermedius front and lateral suface of femur - common tendon iinserting into tibia - flex thigh
Sartorius anterior, superior spine of ileum - medial surface of tibia - rotate leg laterally
Tensor Fascia Latae anterior outer lip of iliac crest, anterior superiod spine, deep surface of fascia latae - between 2 surfaces of iliotibial tract - flex thigh
Gracilis flex thigh
Gastrocnemius posterior surface of medial and lateral condyles of femur - tendon of Achilles that insert on calcaneous of foor - plantar flexion
Soleus heads of fibula and tibia - tendon of Achilles - plantar flexion
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