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Jorge FACII-Hospital


FOOD AND BEVERAGE BUSINESS A business that prepares, packages, serves, sells, or provides food for people to eat; also called foodservice
FOOD SERVICE A business that prepares, packages, serves, sells, or provides food for people to eat; also called Food and Beverage Business.
COMMERCIAL FOOD SERVICE A food and beverage business that competes for customers.
RESTURANTS A business establishment where meals or refreshments may be purchased.
QUICK SERVICE RESTURANTS A restaurant that provides customers with convenience, speed, and basic service at low prices.
FAST FOOD RESTURANTS A quick-service restaurant that has a counter where a person places his or her order and waits for it.
CAFETERIA Foodservice in which the food is displayed along a counter called a serving line, and customers walk along the line with trays and request food the want from the servers
BUFFET Food displayed on tables; customers serve themselves
CARY OUT RESTURANTS A restaurant that specializes in preparing food for customers to take with them to eat at home or anywhere else.
FULL SERVICE RESTURANT A restaurant in which customers are seated at a table, give their orders to a server, and are served their food at the table
FINE DINING RESTURANT A restaurant that emphasizes the highest quality in service, ingredients, and atmosphere
CATERING The provision of food and service for a special event.
INSTITUTIONAL FOOD SERVICE Foodservice provided to customers in an institution.
INSTITUTION A place such as a school, hospital, the military, or prison.
IN HOUSE FOOD SERVICE A foodservice run by the institution itself.
CONTRACT FOOD SERVICE Type of food service in which the institution hires an outside foodservice company to run its foodservice.
FOOD SERVICE WITHIN A CONSUMER BUSINESS A food and beverage business that is located in a consumer business; sometimes called a food and beverage operation
RESTURANT CONCEPTS The theme, target market, decor, ambiance, and service style of a restaurant.
THEME A specific idea around which something is organized.
AMBIANCE The feeling or mood associated with a particular place.
MARKET All the people who could potentially buy what is being sold.
MARKET SEGMENT A subgroup of a larger market with similar needs and wants for the product being sold.
TARGET MARKET The market segment that you choose to target.
Created by: asimien907