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Roots PSAT


a, an not,without
ab, a from, away, apart
ac, acr sharp, sour
ad, a to, toward
ali, altr another
am, ami love
ambi, amph both
ambl, ambul walk
anim mind, spirit, breath
ann, enn year
ante, ant before
anthrop human
anti, ant against, opposite
aud hear
auto self
belli, bell war
bene, ben good
bi two
biblio book
bio life
burs money, purse
cad, cas, cid happen, fall
cap, cip head
carn flesh
cap, capt, cept, cip take, hold, seize
ced, cess yield, go
chrom color
chron time
cide murder
circum around
clin, cliv slope
clud, clus, claus, clois shut, close
co, com, con with, together
cogn, gno know
contra against
corp body
cosmo, cosm world
crac, crat rule, power
cred trust, believe
cresc, cret grow
culp blame, fault
curr, curs run
de down, out, apart
dec ten, tenth
demo, dem people
di, diurn day
dia across
dic, dict speak
dis, die, di not, apart, away
doc, doct teach
dol pain
duc, duct lead
ego self
en, em in, into
err wander
eu good, well
ex, e out, out of
fac, fic, fect, fy, fea make, do
fal, fals deceive
ferv boil
fid faith, trust
flu, flux flow
fore before
frag, frac break
fus pour
gen birth, class, kin
grad, gress step
graph, gram writing
grat pleasing
grav, griev heavy
greg crowd, flock
habit, hibit have, hold
hap by chance
helio, heli sun
hetero other
hol whole
homo same
homo man
hydr water
hyper too much, excess
hypo too little, under
in, ig, il, im, ir not
in, il, im, ir in, on, into
inter between, among
intra, intr within
it, iter between, among
ject, jet throw
jour day
jud judge
junct, jug join
jur swear, law
lat side
lav, lau, lu wash
leg, lec, lex read, speak
lev light
liber free
lig, lect choose, gather
lig, li, ly bind
ling, lang tongue
liter letter
lith stone
loqu, loc, log speech, thought
luc, lum light
lud, lus play
macro great
mag, maj, mas, max great
mal bad
man hand
mar sea
mater, matr mother
medi middle
mega great
mem, men remember
meter, metr, mens measure
micro small
mis wrong, bad, hate
mit, miss send
moll soft
mon, monit warn
mono one
mor custom, manner
mor, mort dead
morph shape
mov, mot, mob, mom move
mut change
nat, nasc born
mau, nav ship, sailor
neg not, deny
neo new
nihil none, nothing
nom, nym name
nox, nic, nec, noc harm
nov new
numer number
ob against
omni all
oner burden
oper work
pac peace
palp feel
pan all
pater, patr father
path, pass feel, suffer
pec money
ped, pod foot
pel, puls drive
pen almost
pend, pens hang
per through, by, for, throughout
per against, destruction
peri around
pet seek, go toward
phil love
phob fear
phon sound
plac calm, please
pon, pos put, place
port carry
pot drink
pot power
pre before
prim, pri first
pro ahead, forth
proto first
prox, prop near
pseudo false
pyr fire
quad, quar, quat four
ques, quer, quis, quir question
quie quiet
quint, quin five
radi, rami branch
rect, reg straight, rule
reg king, rule
retro backward
rid, ris laugh
rog ask
rud rough, crude
rupt break
sacr, sanct holy
scrib, script, scriv write
se apart, away
sec, sect, seg cut
sed, sid sit
sem seed, sow
sen old
sent, sens feel, think
sequ, secu follow
sim, sem similar, same
sign mark, sign
sin curve
sol sun
sol alone
somn sleep
son sound
soph wisdom
spec, spic see, look
sper hope
spers, spar scatter
spir breathe
strict, string bind
struct, stru build
sub under
summ highest
super, sur above
surge, surrect rise
syn, sym together
tacit, tic silent
tact, tag, tang touch
ten, tin, tain hold, twist
tend, tens, tent stretch
term end
terr earth, land
test witness
the god
therm heat
tim fear, frightened
top place
tort twist
torp stiff, numb
tox poison
tract draw
trans across, over, through, beyond
trem, trep shake
turb shake
umbr shadow
uni, un one
urb city
vac empty
val, vail value, strength
ven, vent come
ver true
verb word
vert, vers turn
vict, vinc conquer
vid, vis see
vil base, mean
viv, vit life
voc, vok, vow call, voice
vol wish
volv, volut turn, roll
vor eat
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