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Who's Who on a Movie

Who's Who on a Movie Crew?

Producer a key coordinator for the production
Executive Producer the main investor of the project
Production Manager works alongside the executive producer and helps to prepare the budget, oversees the preparation of the production team, and various day to day production decisions
Director in control of all creative aspects of the film. They are the primary person responsible for the storytelling, creative decisions and acting of the film.
Script Supervisor to keep track of what has been shot in accordance with the script including what changes has been made and how to prevent any continuity errors going forward
Cinematographer The person who makes the chief lighting, framing, and composition decisions
Camera Operator the person in charge of working the camera to capture the scenes
Production sound mixer to make sure the sound is being properly recorded and mixed on set
Boom Operator the person that holds the boom microphone near the action
Key Grip the person that in charge of supervising camera cranes, dollies, lights, platforms and all on set equipment.
Gaffer the person that is responsible for the design and execution of the lighting plan on set.
Special Effects Supervisor the person that is in charge of the creative and technical issues of visual effects on a project.
Production Designer the person that is responsible for creating the visual appearance of the film.
Art Director develops, coordinates, and oversees the overall design of the production and is responsible for everything you see on screen.
Props Master the person that is in charge of finding and managing all the props that appear on screen.
Make-up Artist / Hairdresser the person that dresses and maintains the cast's hair and makeup throughout the shoot.
Costumer Designer / Supervisor to design, obtain, assemble, and maintain the costumes for a production.
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