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20 Movie Idioms

20 Movie Idioms: Break a leg, The show must go on, Kick off, Popcorn movie

popcorn movie one that you watch almost purely for entertainment
get the show on the road get started on something
kick something off spark its beginning
kick off the conversation To make everyone more comfortable, you can be the first one to speak.
kick off a show to start the show
kick off celebration some sort of party that celebrates the beginning of something
sell out (noun) you have completely abandoned your principles in favor of something such as money
live up to the hype 1) there is enough interest in it, or hype; 2) film/book/album, etc has to be as good as people hope it will be
jump the shark term used to describe certain television shows (and occasionally some films) that have decreased in quality
break a leg to have good luck
make a clown of yourself do something that makes people laugh
be in the limelight be in the public eye
crave the limelight you really like to be the center of attention
museum piece something or someone that is so old, antique, and out of place that it should belong in a museum rather than as a part of everyday life
A dog and pony show an event of some sort whose purpose is to rally people for their support and/or their money
run the show you are in charge of every part of the show
sing your heart out you overcome fears, doubts, and even criticisms from other people
steals the show the audience pays the most attention to, even though the creators of the show did not intend for her to be the star
show stopper something has to literally stop the show
it’s not over until the fat lady sings a silly expression that means that nothing is over until it is truly over
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