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Medical Terms 2

D/C discharge or discontinue
OR operating room
prn whenever necessary, as needed
ac before meals
stat immediately, at once
RN registered nurse
wt weight
Cl chloride or chlorine
Rx prescription, take, treatment
AP apical pulse
T temperature
NPO nothing by mouth
spec specimen
c (with line over) with
ss one half
s without
pt patient or pint (500ml or cc)
BP blood pressure
R respiration or rectal
Na sodium
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
DRG Diagnostic related group
LMP last menstrual period
MRSA methicillin-resistant staphyloccocus aureus
vp venipuncture, venous puncture
AED automated external defibrilation
HIPAA health insurance portability ad accountability
LTC long-term care
BMI body mass index
c/o complains of
EKG electrocardiogram
cxr chest x-ray
CRT certified respiratory therapist
R/O rule out
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