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Term Definition
Deers The defense enrollment and eligibiliy reporting system. A data based use to verify beneficiary eligibility.
Tricare dependent Any spouse or child of an active duty retired, deceased active duty or retired person of the uniformed service.
military health system The total health care system of the United States uniformed services
Military treatment facility (MTF) A DOD operated clinic or hospital located on a military based that renders care to military personnel, their dependents and military retirees and their dependents
Tricare Network Provider A CHAMPUS certified network provider contracted to provide services to individuals enrolled in tricare prime
CHAMPUS Civilian health and medical program of the uniformed services
Tricare prime An hpo type plan in which enrolless receive health care through a military treatment
Sponsor The member of the family who is or who was one of the uniformed services CHAMPUS use the social security number or authorization number of the sponsor or the veteran to identify claims
Tricare extra Health care delivered through a network of civilian health care providers who accept payment from CHAMPUS and provide services negotiated discount rates
Tricare standards CHAMPUS program providing greater personal choice in the selection of a medical provider. A fee for service plan requiring higher individuals out of pocket cost in comparison to prime or extra
Created by: Olivia1023
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