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Ch. 3 Serv Safe

Ch. 3 Serv Safe

Which activity must food handlers wash their hands? clearing dirty dishes off of a table
What should food handlers do after prepping food and before going to the bathroom? take off apron
A food handler will be wearing single- use gloves to assemble boxed sandwiches. When must the food handler's hands be washed? before putting on the gloves
When washing hands what is the minimum time you should scrub with soap? 10-15 seconds
Who is most at risk of contaminating food? a food handler whose daughter has diarrhea
When is it acceptable to eat in an operation? when sitting in break area
What should a manager of a hospital cafeteria do if a cook calls in with a headache, nausea, and diarrhea? tell cook to stay home from work and see a doctor
A food handler prepares meals for a child day care center. What symptoms require this food handler to stay home from work? sore throat with fever
When should hand antiseptics be used? after washing hands
When should food handlers who wear gloves wash their hands? before putting on gloves
How long should the handwashing process last? 20 Seconds
What is the water temperature for handwashing? 100F
When people carry pathogens and infect others without ever getting sick what is this called? carriers
How often should you change gloves when you use them continuous? after 4 hours
What should you never do to ready to eat food? handle with your bare hands
What is the only piece of jewelry than can be worn by a food worker? plain wedding band
If a food handler has been diagnosed by any of the Top 6 foodborne illness who do you report this to? regulatory authority
A food handler has diarrhea and has been diagnosed with an illness from Shigella. What should the manager tell the food handler to do? stay home until approved to return to work
Created by: juliedees72