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Chptr 11 Reformation

The Age of Reformation

Modern Devotion Lay religous life of prayer and study without surrendering the outaide world
Zwolle & Deventer Founders of Modern Devotion
Thomas a Kempis Wrote Imitation of Christ on Modern Devotion
Sale of Indulgences Permitted people to buy release from purgatory. A remission of the temporal penalty
Martin Luther Began German reformation
Justification by Faith Alone (Sola Fide) You don't have to have good works to go to heaven
Treasury of Merit An infinite reservoir of good works in the Church's possession.
Jubilee Indulgence Started by Pope Leo X to pay for Saint Peter's Basilica in rome
John Tetzel famous indulgence preacher
95 Theses Luther posted on door of church protesting indulgences
Election of Charles V Pope backed Francis I of France but Charles I of Spain won
Frederick the Wise Important imperial elector, Luther's protecter
Address to the Christian Nobility of the german Nation Urged german princes to force reform on the Church
Babylonian captivity of the Church Attacked 7 traditional sacraments
Freedom of a Christian Summarized new teaching of salvation by faith alone
Papal bull Exsurge Domine Leo X condemned Luther for heresy
cantons Swiss states
Ulrich Zwingli Leader of Swiss Protestant reformation
The Marburg Colloquy Luther vs Zwingli- Luther believes in transsubstantion, Zwingli in consubstantiation
swiss Civil war Protestant vs Catholic cantons
Heinrich Bullinger New leader of Swiss reformation
Anabaptists Rejected infant baptism, refused to swear oaths, and didn't participate in secular gov't. Ancestors of Amish and Mennonites
Conrad Grebel Originater of Anabaptism
Schleitheim Confession distinguished beliefs of Anabaptists
Munster Anabaptsits took over Munster- was transformed into Old Testiment theocracy
Jan Matthys and Jan Beukelsz Leaders in Anabaptist take over of Munster
Menno Simmons Founder of Mennonites, set example of non-provacative separist Anabaptism
spiritualists Believed only religious authority was Spirit of God
antitrinitarians exponents of commonsense, rational, and ethical religion
Genevan Church Organization 1. Pastors 2. Teahcers or doctors 3. elders 4. Deacons
Institutes of the Christian Religion By Calvin
Schmalkaldic League Lutheran defense league
Augsburg Confession Moderate statement of Protestent beliefs
Peace of Augsburg ruler of a land could determine its religion. Did not recognize Calvinism and Anabaptism as official
King Henry VIII "Defender of Faith" but not of wives
Act of supremacy Made king head of Church of england
Act of succession Made Anne Boleyn's children legitamate heirs to throne
Act of Uniformity Imposed Thomas Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer on all churches
capuchins sought to return Church to to original ideals of St. Francis
Ursulines Religous order for girls
Ignatius of Loyola Founder of the Jesuits
spiritual Exercises Ignatius's devotional guide which contains mentaland physical exercises designed to teach one absolute spiritual mastery over one's feelings
Council of Trent refromed internal church discipline. Steps were taken to curtail selling of church offices. Strengthened local bishops. Put new rules on bishops and parish priests. Called for seminary in every diocese.
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