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BB Ch 3 Vocab

Agricultural Density The number of farmers on a section of arable land.
Arable Farmable
Arithmetic Density The number of total people on a section of land.
Baby boom A period of high birth rates, usually occurring after wars
Baby bust A period of lower birth rates, usually occurs after a baby boom.
Birth deficit Term for when the crude death rate exceeds the crude birth rate
Carrying capacity The amount of people the land is capable of sustaining
Cohort A population group distinguished by a certain characteristic
Demography The study of populations and people
Dependent population Nonworking people age 0-14 and over 65
Dependency ratio Ratio of nonworking population versus the working population
Distance decay When something moves further from the source, the connection weakens
Echo A period of high birth rates that occurs when children from a baby boom reach childbearing age
Expansive population pyramid A population pyramid with a wide base, signalling a high number of births in a country
Life expectancy The average amount of years a person is expected to live
Midlatitudes Area from 30-60 degrees north and south of the Equator, known for mild climates and good soil
Overpopulation A situation in which there are too many people and not enough resources in a given area
Physiological Density Number of people per unit of arable land
Population Distribution Where people are located in a given area
Population Density How crowded a given area is
Population Pyramid Method for measuring the age and sex of a given population
Potential Workforce People from 15-64 in a country's population, expected to be society's labor force
Sex ratio The number of men versus women in a given area
Stationary Population Pyramid A population pyramid with a narrow base, signalling lower birth rates and a low natural increase rate
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