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Study words

ante- before; forward
immueno/o protection
a-: an-: ana- no; not; without
MS Morphine sulfate
Elix elixir
H & H Hemoglobin and hematocrit
MPF Methyl Paraben Free (preservative free)
MS04 Morphine Sulfate
KCL potassium chloride
LR Lactated ringers solution
brady- slow
endo- within
epi- above; upon
inter- between
intra- within
para- near; beside
per- through
poly- many; excessive
tachy- fast
-algia pain (examples fibromyalgia, neuralgia: nerve pain)
-ectomy surgical removal;excision (cutting out)
ism condition
oid resembling; like
-osis abnormal condition
-ostomy creation of an opening
-otomy incision or cutting into but not removal of
-pathy disease or suffering neuropathy (nerve disease) sympathy (suffering together)
-plasty surgical repair rhinoplasy-surgical repair of the nose
-pnea breathing dyspnea (shortness of breath)
-stasis control; stop
arthr/o joint
ather/o fat; fatty placque
cyst/o bladder/sac
cyt/o cell
hemat/o, hem/o blood
my/o muscle
oste/o bone
ren/o kidney
thorac/o chest
thomb/o clot
cerbrospinal Loss of normal muscle movement
cerebrovascular Pertaining to the brain and blood vessels that supply it
eidural pertaining to above the dura matter
epilepsy A disorder of the central nervous system characterized by recurrent seizures
cardiomyopathy Disease of the heart muscle
endocardium Membrane lining the cavities of the heart
myocarditis inflamation of the heart muscle
myocardium heart muscle tissue
pericardium Lining around the outside of the heart
dyspnea difficulty, painful, or faulty breathing.
hypoxia a condition of deficient oxygen levels
spirometry Measurement of breathing
intramuscular pertaining to the muscle
myalgia Muscle pain
endocrinology Study of the secreting glands that comprise the endocrine system
autoimmune The disorder characterized by abnormal function of the immune system that causes the body to produce antibodies against itself.
immunocompromised A condition in which the immune system has been compromised by disease of immunosuppressive agents.
anemia a blood condition in which there is a reduction in the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin, or the volume of paced red blood cells
myeloma Tumor of the bone marrow
dyepepsia The condition of indigestion, or of painful digestion
dysphagia difficulty in eating or swallowing
nasogastric Pertaining to the nose and stomach. A tube that travels from the nose to the stomach
pyelonephritis Inflammation of the renal pelvis area of the kidney
optometry process of measuring the eye
myringitis Inflammation of the tympanic membrane
otitis Inflammation of the ear
CP Chest pain
NS Normal Saline
DSS Docusate Sodium (colace)
DS double strength
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