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My Med Root terms

Medical Root terms

Adeno (gland)+adenoma (gland tumor) ADENOIDS ah +dee+ no
calculi (stone)+calculosis (stones) cal + cue + lie
Lith (stone)+ lithotripsy (stone dissolve) lith as in fifth
cele (tumor, cyst; hernia)hydrocele (water cyst, tumor)+celestial (heavenly Sell
onco (tumor) oncology (tumors, study of) on + caw
cyto (cell)+cytology (cells, study of) sigh + toe
glyco (sweet, sugar) glycosuria (sugar in the urine) Glucose gl + eye + co
homeo, homo (similar, same, like) homeostasis (same environment) hoe + me + oh
lingua (tongue)+linguiform (tongue-shaped) linguistic ling + wha
Glosso glossopathy (tongue disease) GLossary gloss + oh
lip (fat)+ lipoma (fat tumor) Lip
madaro (falling hair)+ madarosis (loss of eyelashes or eyebrows) ma + dare + oh
psych (mind)+ psycho (mind; study of psychology; mental processes psycho Sike
Cranio (skull) +craniotomy (skull incision) crane +knee + oh
pyo (pus)+pyogenic (pus producing) n/a pie + oh
radi (rays)+ radiology (rays, study of) radiation ray + dee
thermic (heat)+ thermobiosis (exists at high temperature) thermostat ther + mick
arthro (joint)+arthritis (joint inflammation) are + throw
carpo (wrist)+carpoptosis (wrist dropping) carpenter car + poe
dactyl (finger)+dactylitis (finger inflammation) dact + till
Manus (Hand)+ manicure manual man + us
onychia (nail beds)+onychitis (nail bed, inflammation) oh + nick + ee + uh
pedi pedi (foot) pedicure (foot care) pee + dee
pedicular pedicular (lice) pediculosis (lice, condition of) puh + dick + you + ler
chondro (cartilage)+chondromalacia (cartilage, soft) con + droh
costa (rib)+intercostal (between ribs) cost + uh
ili hip)+ iliosacral (ilium and sacrum) ill + lee
myel (bone marrow) myeloma (marrow tumor) my + el
myo myo (muscle) myoedema (muscle swelling) my + oh
ortho straighten)+orthopedic (concerning deformities) or + thoh
osteo (bone) osteoplast (bone surgery) ah + stee + oh
spondyl (vertebra)+spondylitis (vertebrae inflammation) spawn + dill
cutis skin+ cutitis (skin inflammation) cuticle cue + tis
derma (skin) dermatology (skin, study of) dermatologist dur + muh
dent (teeth) dentiform (toothlike) dentures Dent
odont (teeth) odontoprisis (teeth grinding) oh + don + t
hapsia (touch) parapsia (touch disorder) hap + see + uh
psora (itch) psoriasis (itch, condition of) sore sore + uh
prurigo (itching)+pruritis (itching inflammation) pru + rig + oh (pru as in proof)
sarco (flesh) sarcolysis (flesh decomposing) sarcophagus s + ark + oh
sclero (hard) sclerogenous (hardening tissue) s + clear +oh
squama (scaly) squamous (scalelike). skwah + ma
tricho (hair) trichoid (hairlike) trick + oh
chole (bile; gallbladder) cholecystectomy (gallbladder excision) coal + lee
procto procto (anus; rectum,onus)proctology (study of diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus)prock + toe
colon (large intestine)colitis (large intestine inflammation) coal + on
entero (intestine)+enteritis (intestinal inflammation) enter en + tear + oh
ile (ileum-last 3 sections of small intestines) ileitis (ileum inflammation) ill + lee
emesis (vomiting)+emetic (produces vomit) emmy + sis
laparo (abdomen)+ laparotomy (abdomen incision) lap + uh + row
pyloro (pylorus; gatekeeper) pylorostenosis (pyloric narrowing) pie + lore + oh
gastro (stomach)+gastritis (stomach inflammation) gas + tr + oh
hepat (liver) +hepatitis (liver inflammation) he + pat
myxo (mucus) myxoma (mucus tumor) mix + oh
stoma (artificial opening;mouth)stomatitis (mouth inflammation) stow + muh
viscero (body organs) visceromegaly (enlarged abdominal organs) v + is + ur + oh
angio (blood vessel) angiogram (vessel study) an + gee + oh
vaso (blood vessel) vasoconstriction (tightened vessel) vay + so
aortal (aorta, main artery) aortalgia (aorta pain) ay + o r + tuh
arterio (artery)arteriosclerosis (condition of hard arteries ar + teer + ee + oh
cardio (heart) cardiology (heart, study of) car + dee + oh
emboli (vessel obstruction)due to thrombo,air or plaque embolectomy (embolus, removal, of) em + bo + lie
thrombo (blood clot) thrombophlebitis (clotted vein) throm + bow
emia (blood) anemia (without blood) em + ee + uh
hema, hemo (blood) hematoma (blood tumor) he + muh, he + moe
phleb (vein) phlebotomy (vein incision) Fleab
vena (vein) vena cava (large vein) vee + nuh
varico (varicose veins)varicocele (twisted veins, tumor) vair +ee + co
ventricu (heart cavity) ventriculitis (ventricle inflammation) ven + trick + you
broncho (bronchi, airway)+bronchitis (bronchial inflammation) bronk + oh
cili (hairlike processes) ciliogenesis (cili forming) sill + ee
ectasis (expansion)+atelectasis (abnormal expansion) ek + ta + sis
laryngo (larynx, voice box)+laryngitis (larynx inflammation) la + ring + go
naso (nose) nasology (nose, study of) nay + so
oro (mouth) orofacial (mouth and face) ore + oh
oxy (oxygen, keen) oxyosmia (keen sense of smell) ox + ee
pector (breast, chest) pectoralgia (chest nerve pain) pectoral pect + tore
pleura (rib side) pleurisy (inflammation of exterior lung lining) pluh + rah
pneumo (lung) pneumonectomy (lung excision) pneumatic new + mow
pulmo (lungs) pulmonology (lungs, study of) pull + moe
rhin (nose) rhinitis (nose inflammation) rhinoceros rine
ptysis (to spit) hemoptysis (bloody sputum) tie + sis
tracheo (trachea, windpipe)tracheostomy (trachea opening) tray + key + oh
creatinine creatinine(a waste material in urine) creatinuria (excess creatinine) kree + at + in + in
cysto (bladder)+cystoscopy (bladder examination) cyst sis + toe
glomerulo (nephron part; little ball) glomerulitis (glomeruli inflammation glum + uh + rule + oh
nephro (kidney)+ nephrectomy (kidney removal) nef + row
peritoneo (lining of abdominal organs) peritonitis (peritoneum inflammation pear + uh + toe + knee + oh
pyelo (pelvis)pyelonephritis (pelvis and kidney inflammation) pie + el + oh
reni (kidney) reniform (kidney shaped) Renal ree + knee
uretero (ureter) ureterocele (ureter tumor) your + uh + tuh + row
urethro (urethra) urethritis (urethra inflammation) your + ee + throw
uri (urine) uriposia (drinking of urine) Urinal your + ee
uric (pertaining to urine) (pertaining to urine) uricemia (uric acid in blood) your + ick
urina (urine) urination (discharge of urine) urinalysis your + ee + nuh
uro (urine) urology (urine, study of) your + oh
bulbo (bulblike; bulbourethral gland)bulbitis (inflammation of the bulbourethral gland) bull + bow
cervi (neck; uterus) cervicectomy (cervix removal) Cervical serve + ee
galacto (milk) galactorrhea (excessive milk) Galaxy,milky way guh + lack + toe
genito (reproductive system) genitoplasty (genital organ surgery) genitals gen + it + oh
hyster (uterus) hysterectomy (uterus removal) his + tear
lactin (milk) lactation (milk producing) lactose lack + tin
mast (breast) mastectomy (breast removal) mast
metr (uterus) endometriosis (abnormal cells outside uterus, condition) me - tur
natal (born) neonatal (newborn) nah + tul
oophoro (ovary) oophoroitis (ovary inflammation) ooh + four + oh
orchido (testicle)+orchidoptosis (testicle dropping) or + kid + oh
ova, ovi, ovo (egg) ovicide (egg destruction) oval oh + vuh
salping (tube; fallopian) salpingitis (fallopian tube inflammation) sal + ping
sperma spermato (seed) spermacrasia (sperm, lack of) spur + ma
vas duct; vessel)vasectomy (excision of vas deferens) vahs
audio (sound) audiology (study of sound) audition awe + dee + oh
cerebro (brain) cerebrosclerosis (brain hardening) suh + re + bro
encephalo (brain) encephalopathy (brain disease) in + sef + uh + low
esthesia (sensation) anesthesia (without sensation) es + tea + juh
medulla (brain middle) medullectomy (brain excision) muh + due + la
meningitis meningo (membranes; spinal cord)(meninges inflammation) men + ing + oh
neuro (nerves) neurology (nerves, study of) new + row
occiput (back of skull) occipitofacial (occiput and face) awk + see + put
oculo (eye) oculomotor (eye movement) binoculars ah + cue + low
ophthalmo (eye) ophthalmology (eye, study of) op + thal + moe
oto (ear) otitis (ear inflammation) oto (ear)
parietes (parietel; wall part) parietofrontal (front wall or bones) pa + rye + eh + tease
pons (bridges) pontobulbar (pons and medulla) pawns
tempora (temporal)+ temporomandibular (temple and jaw) temple tempora (temporal)
Created by: Sonali



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