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Final Review

Business Practices

Physicians generally prefer not to discuss _______ with their patients. financial matters
It is important to discuss ________ in a private area of the office so they can feel free to talk about any financial issues. fees
a questionable _________ may indicate difficulty in paying bills employment record
The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act states that telephone calls for collect activities should be placed after 8AM & before 9PM
Financial transactions involve________ many types of monies i.e.: credit, debit, check, cash, etc.
If the payee name is written incorrectly you must endorse twice. once with name as it appears and one a second time with the correct name
On a check if the written-out amount differs from the numeric amount which one does the bank pay? the written-out amount
A check is ______________ non-negotiable
Federal law _______ a business to convert a paper check into an electronic check allows
Capital is a persons' ownership share plus operating profit which is also known as _________ net worth
An individual pt ledger contains a record of all fees charged from all their dates of service
The petty cash fund should be used for small purchases only
Double entry accounting is more advanced than single entry in that the books must balance
The Medicare/ Medicaid insurance claim form is the CMS-1500
An industrial injury or work related illness is a __________________ event arising from one's employment unforeseeable
The _________ is the individual who contracts for and is covered by an insurance company insured
______________ can be submitted by paper or electronically health insurance claims
A fiscal intermediary is an agency that conducts health care quality audits False
The CPT, ICD and HCPCS codes are examples of HIPAA compliant standard codes false
ICD9CM and ICD10CM codes are used to report services provided to pts false
A ________________ does not break the skin closed fracture
A _________ is a minimally invasive procedure that is an example of a surgical approach laparoscopy
A __________ shadows the doctor and writes down everything scribe
The amount of time a physician spends with the pt does not influence the billing code false
There is one basic type of hypertension and on diagnostic code used to describe it false
A report that shows accts receiveable 60, 90, 120 days aging analysis
Service used by a medical practice to prep and send monthly statements billing servie
plastic card similar to a credit/ debit card smart card
Regular withdrawal and transfer of funds automatic funds transfer
Many banks do not accept third party checks
After hours deposit feature deposits the money into the account the next morning
When reconciling a bank statement and the balance and checkbook don't agree you divide the difference by ____ to find the transposition 9
In manual bookkeeping the copies of the ledger can be used as pt statements
most medical practices require the MOA to have bookkeeping skills
Overpayment received results in a refund adjustment
Illness/ injury preventing all major duties of occupation total disability
Hospital ins benefits under Medicare Program Part A
Procedure ins cos use to avoid duplicate payments due to benefits provided by more than one policy coordination of benefits
claim that is complete but content is illogical or incorrect invalid claim
Medicare services in office Part B
To supplement Medicare the Dept of Defense offers TRICARE for life
A medicare pts signature on an advance beneficiary notice must be obtained for all services medicare does not deem medically necessary
Medicare statement summarizing disposition of claim Medicare Summary Notice
How often are diagnostic and procedural codebooks updated? every year
The coding system to document services and supplies provided to pts HCPCS Level I & II
CPT modifier that indicates that the services required were substantially greater than expected -22
Similar service provided in a hospital by more than one physician on same day concurrent care
CPT -- E/M section office and hospital visits
Amniocentesis would be found in which subsection maternity care & delivery
When frequent tests are grouped together in Pathology section panels
Bookkeeping that requires equal debits & credits double-entry
To carry forward the balance of an individual ledger extend
Monies owed by a business liability
pt acct to which new charges can be made open acct
to record financial transactions post
checks received from ins cos accts receiveable
small cash fund petty cash
simplest bookkeeping system single-entry
journal in which all daily fees and payments are recorded general ledger
determination of payment for an ins claim adjudication
ins policy designed to cover medical expenses resulting from injury or catastrophe major medical
cost sharing in which and insured pt pays a designated amt at the time of service copayment
hazards, perils or conditions ins co wont pay exclusions
the spouse or children of primary insured dependents
cost sharing in which an insured pt assumes a percentage of the cost of covered services coinsurance
period of time after the onset of a disability for which no benefits will be paid elimination pd
illness or injury that prevents an individual from performing all the functions of a regular job indefinietely permanent disability
illness or injury that prevents an individual from performing one or more functions of a regular job partial disability
private ins companies or govt funded health plans third party payers
payment made periodically to keep an ins policy in force premium
illness or injury that prevents an individual from performing the major duties of his or her specific occupation total disability
obtaining advance approval from an ins co for a service to be performed prior authorization
physician charge profiles determine these rates usual, customary & reasonable
illness or injury that prevents an individual from performing the major duties of his or her occupation for a limited period of time temporary disability
anything that was treated before the policy was issued pre-existing condition
__________ accounting has been popular but replaced with computerized systems pegboard
The _______________ fee is the amt normally charged for a given professional service by an individual physician usual
Created by: Megpalace
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