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AH 112: Tissue

Study material for the tissue unit

What are the four types of human tissue? *Epithelial *Connective Muscle Nervous
What is epithelial tissue? Continuous cellular sheet that covers the body's surface, lines body cavities, and forms certain glands
Epithelial tissue is classified by what two things? *Number of cell layers *Shape
Name the three categories of cells based on number of cell layers. *Simple (one layer) *Stratified (multi-layered) *Pseudostratified (one layer but appears multi-layered)
Name the three categories of cells based on shape. *Squamous (flat surface cells) *Columnar (tall cylindrical surface cells) *Cuboidal (cube-shaped surface cells)
What is endothelium? epithelium tissue with a single layer of squamous cells attached to a basement membrane
What is glandular epithelium? special epithelium that makes up organs that produce secretions
What are the three categories of glands, determined by how they secrete their products? *Endocrine *Exocrine *Mixed glands
Where do endocrine glands secrete their products? Into the blood or lymph
Where do exocrine glands secrete their products? Into ducts that lead to external/internal surfaces
What is a mixed gland? A gland that contains both endocrine/exocrine cells
Where is connective tissue found? Bones, cartilage, adipose (fatty) tissue
What is the purpose of connective tissue? Binds together and supports body structure
What are the two categories of connective tissue? *Loose *Dense
What is loose connective tissue? large spaces that separate the fibers and cells; contains a lot of intercellular fluid Also called areolar connective tissue
What is dense connective tissue? Provides structural support and has a greater fiber concentration
What are the two categories of dense connective tissue? *Dense regular connective tissue *Dense irregular connective tissue
What is dense regular connective tissue? Tightly packed fibers arranged in a consistent pattern
What is dense irregular connective tissue? Tightly packed fibers arranged in an inconsistent pattern
What is the function of adipose tissue? *Specialized type of loose connective tissue *Distributed subcutaneously *Insulation to preserve body heat *Cushion for internal organs *Storage depot for excess food/reserve supplies of energy
What are the three types of muscle tissue? *Striated *Cardiac *Smooth
What is striated muscle tissue? Striped/striated tissue that contracts voluntarily (example: biceps)
How is cardiac muscle tissue different from other striated tissue? *Its fibers are separate cellular units that don't contain many nuclei *It contracts involuntarily
What is smooth muscle tissue? Long, spindle-shaped cells that have no striped pattern. Activity is stimulated by autonomic nervous system. Contracts involuntarily. Lines the walls of many internal organs.
What is the function of nervous tissue? Serves as the body's communication; brings impulses to the cell body; conducts impulses away
What are neurons? Cells that generate and conduct nerve impulses. Consists of dendrites and an axon. These allow the neuron to conduct impulses over long distances.
Created by: LCC