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health ch. 1,2,and 7

Notes on health chapters 1, 2 , and 7

self acuzation being the best you can be
Level 5 of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs Reaching potential
level 4 of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs Feeling recognizable
level 3 of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs Belonging
Level 2 of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs safety
level 1 of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs physical
personality complex set of characteristics that makes you unique
Influences Heredity intellectual abilities,temperature, or emotional tendencies
Influences Environment everything around you
Influences modeling observing and learning from peope around you
Self esteem persons belief about him or herself
What are the form porsitie self-esteem/personal idenity Recognize, positive, develop, meaningful, contribute
Recognize strengths and weaknesses
positive values
develop purpose
meaningful relationships
contribute to community
personality complex set of characteristics that makes
avoid risk behaviors
constructive criticism nonhostile comments that nonhostile comments that point out problems and encourage improvement
self-talks listen to what you say and replace listen to what you say replace negative messages with constructive criticism
Emotional signals that tell your mind and body how to react
types of emotion happy, empathy, anger, sadness, fear, love, guilt
responding to emotions
ask yourself what is wrong
is it wroth responding (will it matter next week)
think about how you're going to respond
feel negative seek positive feelings to inspire yourself
negative feeling don't go away (seek help)
defense mechanism mental process that protect indivisuals from strong emotions
repression involuntary pushing feelings out of though
suppression conscious pushing feeling out of thought
rationalization make excuses to explain behavior
regression acting like a child instead of using mature measures
denial unconscious lack of acknowledgement that is obvious to others
compensation making up for weaknesses
Created by: Rassmann 2