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History of medicine

Medical discoveries and inventions

Andreas Vesalius Investigated anatomy by dissecting human bodies
William Harvey Discovered that blood flows from arteries through veins back to the heart creating a cycle
Karl landsteiner He determined that all blood was the same and was divided into 4 groups
Dr. Horace wells and William Morton Discovered anesthesia
Wilhelm roentgen Discovered x-rays
Ignaz semmelweis Came up with washing hands before a surgery procedure is done
Louis Pasteur Began pasteurizing milk to kill bacteria
Edward Jenner Developed a vaccine for smallpox
Alexander Fleming Discovered penincillin
Howard florey and Erns chain Enabled the testing and production of penincillin
Gerhard domagk Discovery of the first commercially available antibiotic
Sir Fredrick grant Banting, Charles best, and John James Rickard Macleod Discovered and purified insulin
Michael bishop, and harold varmus Discovered cellular origin of retroviral on cogenes
Like Montagnier, and Robert gallo Discovered HIV
Sir Fredrick gowland Hopkins Discovered vitamins
Jospeh Murray Performed first successful human kidney transplanthjdj
Jonas salk Developed the polio vaccine
James Lind Developed theory that citrus fruits cured scurvy
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