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Military Org.

Non-Commissioned Officer
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
Region or Theater
Commissioned Officer
Second Lieutenant
Fleet Admiral
George Washington
Commanded by an Admiral
John J. Pershing
General of the Army
Chief Warrant Officer Two
Seaman Recruit
Airman Basic
Essay Question: Based on the information you have learned concerning Military Organization, do you believe that the current system of hierarchy we have in place, is effective in maintaining an efficiently functioning military unit in the United States,and
- is an enlisted member of an armed force who has been given authority by a commissioned officer -though it is the lowest of the ranks, it is the most important -the lower-enlisted are the core of the working force
- is the highest rank of the United States Air Force Enlisted Ranks
-200,000 + Soilders= commanded by a General
- derive authority directly from a sovereign power and, as such,hold a commission charging them with the duties and responsibilities of a specific office or position -____ ____ are typically the only persons in a military environment able to exercise comm
-Lowest rank of the United States Army Enlisted Ranks, and has no insignia
-4-5 + Soilders= commanded by a Lance Corporal or Sergeant
- could be in charge of a Platoon (Platoon= 25-60 + Soldiers) - lowest rank of the United States Air Force Officer Ranks
- could be in charge of Navy or Admiralty - highest rank of the United States Navy Officer Ranks
- American Revolutionary Commander, was the first of two to attain General of the Armies rank (which he attained after the war)
- fleet
- commander of the American Expeditionary Force in World War I, was the second of two to attain General of the Armies
-8-12 + Soldiers= commanded by a Corporal or Staff Sergeant
- the highest rank of the United States Army Officer Ranks
- the lowest rank of the United States Navy Officer Ranks
- is the lowest rate of the United States Navy Enlisted Rates
- the lowest rank of the United States Air Force Enlisted Ranks, and has no insignia
- is in charge of a Region or Theater ( Region or Theater= 200,000 + Soldiers) - is the second highest rank of the United States Air Force Officer Ranks
-25-60 + Soldiers= commanded by a First or Second Lieutenant
I think our current system of hierarchy is a good start because without it we wouldn't have as good of a military as we do. I also think that it could be more efficient because it can be kind of hard to command 200,000 people and soldiers by yourself. I t
Created by: Kalico2019
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